Chrysler plans to attack the U.S. market diesel

U.S. is no longer a country in fear of diesel engines. Or maybe this fear is due to anti-pollution regulations Americans restrictions: Tier2Bin5 currently in force is in some ways tougher than the European Euro6, not yet in force. However, manufacturers such as BMW sold more than a third of his BMW X5 L6 turbodiesel engine, thanks to urea injection systems and emission reduction with potent selective catalysts.

This type of premium vehicles are the spearhead of an emerging U.S. market diesel fuel. Most vehicle manufacturers are gasoline, and some do not offer diesel engines. Chrylser is the case, whose range could be extended with the addition of vehicles “Ecodiesel“. Internet filtering is to design a logo that we could soon see cars like the Chrysler 300C or Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The logo – modern and stylish design – we can see written a cylinder, 3.0 liters. This corresponds to the 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine and six-cylinder VM Motori has developed and already mounted the Lancia Thema and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This engine develops 240 hp and a torque of over 500 Nm, moving with ease the tonnage of both vehicles. It is hoped that the engine receives some adjustments in order to improve their emissions.

Maybe some gas reduction system by injecting urea, which may lead to a power reduction of around 10%. The product cycle in 2013 – the so-called Model Year, which corresponds to the present – will be shortened, and in the middle of next year may already be offered for sale in different models of Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler. Keep you informed.

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