Chevrolet Spin, the General Motors minivan for emerging markets

Chevrolet continues to work on its ambitious strategy to deliver global products that can be sold in dozens of markets almost unchanged, and that in turn reflected the brand image in their models have been implemented in recent years. Brazil recently presented at the Chevrolet Spin, a minivan they want economic be an interesting alternative to the four-door sedans low cost sold in South America or Asia.

The Chevrolet Spin is built on the platform of the Chevrolet Cobalt, the other great bet for U.S. families signature of emerging countries. This model shares a platform, mechanical components, many parts of the interior and even aesthetic similarities. Thus, both the front grille and bumper style and even the taillights are very similar to the Cobalt. The rear has a very artificial added, with a final glass unattractive, but at least it helps to reinforce the practical interior.

And is that the main objective is to increase the livability Chevrolet already offered in the Cobalt, by a higher body shapes and lines to create more interior volume. It offers up to seven working places, which causes the trunk has a capacity of only 162 liters. If the back row folds down, the trunk volume increases to 710 liters, and the figure increases to 1,662 liters if you fold down completely the two back rows.

The low-cost philosophy and the markets it is oriented the model is noted in the equipment of the car as it is much lower than can be found on European roads. The basic finish LT incorporate dual airbags, air conditioning or electric windows, but details such as ESP and four airbags are not even offered. The LTZ adds superior finish board computer, steering wheel and height adjustable seats, parking sensors and third-row seat as standard.

So far only announced a Chevrolet engine for Spin, it is a 1.8 four-cylinder engine that delivers 108 hp if you use ethanol or 106 hp if you use conventional gasoline. You can link to a gearbox five-speed manual or an automatic six-relations. In summary, the Chevrolet Spin is an economical alternative for those who want a roomy minivan and simple, if only you can enjoy this car in South America and Asia.

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