The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Shooting Brake production hit Callaway hand

Corvette_C7_Chevrolet_Calaway_1Months ago Callaway, American coach with various preparations of the Chevrolet Corvette to his credit, left us with a first approximation to the idea of ​​a Chevrolet Corvette Shooting Brake, a Corvette, with a new design for the back of your body, finishing with coupe lines to give you a behind the air “family.”

Under the name of AeroWagon Corvette Stingray, Callaway confirms that the project will come to fruition and the idea that months ago we had pass digital recreations of the street as a production model of this coach. A long shot of course, but that under the initial images presented not sleazy.

2014-Chevrolet-Corvette-046-1024x583According to warn us from CarBuzz , the project would have been approved recently a project, priced at $ 15,000 , 11,000 euros to change , integrated into the body of the Corvette made ​​a new rear carbon fiber and resin, giving the ” Vette ” on a whole new .

Aesthetic addition to this kit , which must be added $ 1,500 if you want the same color as the body , Callaway also offers a kit valued at $ 22,995 , about 17,000 euros , adds a whole new compressor , a new admission , a new exhaust system and new details inside, even without specifying details of the power and performance achieved.

Corvette_C7_Chevrolet_Calaway_2Callaway Hopefully not too late to show this preparation in the flesh , beyond recreations already showed us in March. Bold yes, of course , but also achieved a good compromise with the original look now, how will this preparation to become popular among customers Corvette ?


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