Checklist For Routine Car Maintenance

Of all regular car maintenance, none ranks as important as the routine oil change. It’s the holy grail of every auto shop in America because it’s such an essential ingredient to a smooth, healthy running car. Despite the routine nature of the oil change, many people don’t know the first thing about what exactly happens during an oil change. They go to an instant change shop, get the change done, and they drive away with a little sticker that tell them when to come back. If you’re curious about what happens during an oil change Addison TX, here are a few things about that magical maintenance that you might not know.

What is an oil change?

Oil is the engine lubricant that keeps your engine running smooth and healthy. Oil is the vitamin of that engine. Without it, the engine will not move properly within the car and can begin to burn down. When an auto shop changes your oil, they replace old, burned oil with new, fresh oil that will keep your engine’s parts running smooth and new.

What else is changed?

Old oil isn’t the only thing removed during an oil change. They’ll also remove your old oil filter which has become messy and inefficient because of repeated use since your last oil change.

Does which oil I use matter?

Most auto shops agree that there is a distinct difference in the quality of one oil over another. Each oil has a viscosity grade that should meet a bare minimum quality. The higher you go, though, the better you’re going to be. Most auto shops use synthetic blends that are of very high quality. Low quality oil that doesn’t meet the grade can even cause damage to your engine if you use it over a long period of time. It’s always a good idea to go with the better brands that have higher grades.

That’s just the beginning of everything there is to know about an oil change, but for the most part that’s the basics. During an oil change, your mechanic will take out old, burned down oil that is sticking to your engine and replace it with a smooth flowing new blend that has a high viscosity grade. They’ll also change your oil worn out oil filter with a brand new one. You can drive away more confident than ever in the health of your vehicle.

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