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Mokka Opel, the new crossover will build on the € 17,690

I do not doubt that the Opel Mokka is one of the releases of the year. To amend the discretion of the sales of Antara, who has not lived up to other historical models SUV / crossover of Opel, the Mokka will arrive in dealerships later this year with a bet very contained and urban, affordability and jerk the small SUV in Europe, particularly in our country.

The Opel Mokka will start in Spain from € 17,690, which in a nutshell and given that the range of mechanical depart from the 1.6 16 valve 115 hp and front wheel drive, is priced about 1,000 € more expensive than an Opel Astra as official discount to date and without regard to the peculiarities of the equipment that is yet to confirm. Above there will be two engines: a 1.4 Turbo 140 hp and 200 Nm of torque, and a diesel 1.7 CDTI 130 hp version in its four-wheel drive will cost € 25,790.

Double reading that we should make these prices is that they still have to wait to be known as the range is composed as the € 17,690 price correspond to a “hook” of an engine for your conditions, just power and no turbo, not be the most recommended and the best selling range Mokka.

The “amplified” Audi A1 its sportiness with the range amplified

If you want a truly sporty Audi A1 you just have to make with an Audi Quattro A1. But I know it’s not easy being one of the lucky 333 will be done with one of them, nor pay € 53,600 in a very sporty car that it continues to be a very limited utility for its size. Knowing this, Audi has decided to launch a sports edition, and unlimited, called amplified.

The new Audi A1 Audi A1 Sportback amplified and amplified available themed interior and exterior decoration in two colors Misano Red and Glacier White, associated with the Ambition line finishes and any engine fit. To emphasize sportsmanship has resorted to unique items and exclusive Audi Quattro GmbH and Audi Genuine Accessories. We can “amplify” the sportiness of our Audi A1 at three levels (basic, plus and advanced), depending on whether we pay € 1,990, € 3,990 and € 6,990 (depending on prices in Germany) in details that do not add much except an aesthetic . The third level is not available for engines below 120 hp.

New Opel Astra sedan: extended range of Astra

The Opel Astra grows and makes the hand of a new sedan version. Comes the variant that could be considered as more practical in the range of German compact and does well with an excellent design that stops away, at least as painted in official photographs, those derived from compact sedans in which extra inches added and the new rear design sports a somewhat forced.

The Opel Astra range is now complete with the 5-door body styles, the GTC, the Sport Tourer estate version and now this 4-door sedan will be available to up to 7 engines. It is marketed in Spain, but in his sights is the Russian market and Turkey where there is high demand for these variants.

The range of Opel Adam could grow into new areas

It appears that they want the Opel Adam grow. Just been introduced, only a couple of weeks which is between us and the rumors have been focused on targeting new details about the future of Opel commercial vehicle. According to Autocar says, could meet with new models derived from Adam, or at least sharing family or traits, thus following in the footsteps of Fiat with the 500 (cabrio, 500L, sporting Abarth versions) and Mini (Countryman, Roadster and coupe, Clubman …).

Some rumors that come after Duncan Aldred, director of Vauxhall, would understand that he was mulling over the possibilities and potential of the Adam. This course relies on the Adam Opel, but will we see a range derived from this new German supermini?

Opel Astra 2012, the range is updated and get a diesel BiTurbo

With the launch of the new Opel Astra OPC and Astra GTC, and the presentation of a promising Astra Sedan, it was time to update the rest of the range Opel Astra. The five-door models with compact body and family receive a small facelift and engine range is completed with the introduction of diesel BiTurbo of 195 hp. To top off this update of the German compact will premiere some of the technologies already put into practice the latest releases of Opel.

The new Opel Astra Front acquire new common features of the compact Opel, in the words of the brand itself after the submission of Sedan is complete, which never ceases to amaze is also expected as a convertible which lately have been allowed to see some spy photos. The range of engines ranging from 100 hp and 280 hp OPC, including a very low emission model, the 1.7 CDTI ecoFLEX with only 99 g / km CO2.

Opel Adam, to storm the fashion segment of the urban utility

In such a sensitive time like this Opel used to segment A and the recipe for chic car – in the words of the brand-fashion to revitalize its product catalog. Opel Adam will henceforth much to talk with a very bold design that reveals that it is the most original and fresh release of this German manufacturer in a while, a product intended to find its niche in a highly competitive segment like this thanks to the possibilities of customization, style and entertainment systems.

Opel Adam is defined with a premium for their equipment, aesthetics and probably for a price that is expected to be that of the utilities that dominate the city with less than 3.7 meters. Currently available only body with three doors and four independent seats, which in the case of the back row can be folded into two parts 50/50. In Opel are aware of the sustained growth of small cars in recent years, which will only increase from now on for economic and lifestyle himself urbanite European customer.

The new Opel Astra OPC challenges the Renault Megane RS to an acceleration test

The compact segment is one of the more even the market. And if we take specifically to sports and radical versions of the model, this trend is repeated. What is the best sport compact market? Well it is certainly a very difficult question and probably no absolute answer, it depends on what aspects place priorities and in any case, most of them are at a level unthinkable just a few years, since differences in any aspect often hue.

Although this type of vehicle performance are a very important aspect, one can not say it’s the only one to consider. One of the latest arrivals is the Opel Astra OPC, which with a specially tuned chassis, engine and 280 bhp 2.0 Turbo or a very attractive aesthetics it difficult to want to put one of the coconuts in the category, the Renault Megane RS . In Britain the EVO Magazine have faced in a closed course to test acceleration, and the results are surprising … relatively

Opel Corsa ecoFLEX 1.4 turbo engine now with 120 hp gasoline

The Opel Corsa is one of the most successful general utility in Europe. The fourth generation of this popular model and has spent six years on the market but, despite his seniority, maintain sales levels very worthy. The German company continues to focus on the model, as demonstrated by the introduction of a new gasoline engine that is integrated into the engine with the label ecoFLEX variants reserved kinder to the environment.

Usually these versions sound like boring because their engines are low power and long replacement developments, but this time it is not. The engine is a 1.4 turbo introduced four-cylinder diesel that delivers 120 hp and maximum torque of 175 Nm. Without doubt, this is a remarkable power to a utility of this size. Is linked to a gearbox five-speed manual that transmits motion to the front wheels. It also features start-stop device.

Opel Cascada, the new Astra Cabrio returns to canvas roof

Opel Cascada

For a long time we have been waiting for the convertible variant of the Opel Astra that will definitely not be marketed as such, but under the name Opel itself Cascada. As the brand itself says, the name was chosen by Cascada end in “a”, as has become tradition at Opel, but also by the dynamism generated by the meaning of this word of Castilian.

The Opel Cascada measured 4.70 meters, and even longer than the Opel Astra Sedan own and as a convertible Audi A5 Cabrio. Your body can accommodate four adult passengers and a system of opening and closing of a fabric roof that can be collected or displayed in a few seconds (still not say how many) at speeds up to 50 km / h.

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