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Mercedes GLA Edition 1, a special edition to launch their marketing

mercedes-gla-edition1-p1As is the situation in the European automotive market, it is normal to come to market brands offered a model with interesting variations that incorporate equipment packages linked to the engines that are going to demand more, in order to quickly circulate the first units and increase their visibility. However, Mercedes-Benz has chosen to launch its latest with an initial print exclusivity increases (and price) of the model significantly.

The latest model to hit the market with this unique form of release is the Mercedes GLA, the compact SUV unveiled at Frankfurt. In the wake of issues like the Mercedes A 45 AMG Edition 1 comes to market Mercedes GLA Edition 1 with a barrage of new aesthetic to differentiate it from conventional units. Unlike what happened to the Class A and GLA, which were offered only with Version AMG, the Mercedes GLA Edition 1 will be available with all engines of the car.

Mercedes increases the production of new Class A manufacturing it also in Finland

Mercedes not cope and have to resort to the Finnish manufacturer Valmet to produce the new Mercedes A-Class, accounting for both third factory that will join those already had been awarded in Germany and Hungary. Valmet will assemble more than 100,000 units between 2013 and 2016 to ensure vehicles meet the demand within a reasonable timescale.

When recently were attending the presentation of the Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes-Benz responsible for revealing to us a little secret, had expected about 1,000 monthly sales in Spain at a faster pace than initially would probably fit in our country. Not only in Spain, the initial reservations of the new Class A pointed to all the forecasts could be overwhelmed to the point that would be overwhelmed in a short time and would inevitably enter a waiting list.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake: rumors are that there will be wagon version of the CLA

It seems that Mercedes may be working on developing a family version of the prototype derivative Style Concept Coupé. If we all hope that this concept car way to a saloon coupes dyes in brief accompanying the new Mercedes Class A under the name of CLA now rumored also could meet with a proposed station wagon derived from this prototype: a CLA Shooting Brake.

After meeting only a few days ago the new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, which had been camouflaged and rolling over and over again, seems that it is possible that within a couple of years we know also the younger brother of the CLS family to be located in the range within the family of Class A.

Mercedes Benz B Class 2015 completely renovated

mercedes-benz-clase-b-2015The German brand staged its new compact MPV class B, the same which was released in 2005, a second generation in 2011 Now comes completely renovated and probably its best. With new design more profiling, new and decorative details, new colors, new tires and new electric drive technology.

An Audi station wagon, getting closer to becoming reality

Premium brands are those that are pulling the wagon lately when it comes to expanding the market to new segments. The case of BMW with the BMW X6 is a test of the success that can have these new releases, but in recent years, we can find models that have been a failure regarding the performance is expected to have on the market. The BMW 5 Series GT is the latest, but almost at the same we find the Mercedes R-Class.

This kind of premium minivan, which coexists SUV and sedan concepts of representation, has not convinced either in Europe or the U.S., which has even forced the brand to remove the model from the U.S. market for which it was market. However, it seems that Audi has not learned the lesson of Mercedes, or want to give a second chance on this subsegment, and has recently been known that they are seriously considering the possibility of launching a minivan.

Mercedes 300E The Hammer, AMG sedan Ferrari

Nearly five decades of romance between Mercedes-Benz and AMG GmbH have been more than enough for close cooperation between the two marks, and even more from that in the 90 official ties be established and Daimler were to become the majority of the trademark subsidiary of Affalterbach, atesorase a historic legacy of super-sedan capable of carrying the German engineering at a higher level. Practical products of street racing technology, a good way to define any product developed by AMG and even more to those who bear the name Black Series, or The Hammer as the model in question for which you want to talk.

In the mid 80’s AMG arm was not yet of Mercedes-Benz sports yet and were responsible for a real super sports saloon body which coincided in time with the arrival of the first M5. Someone thought it would be a good idea to take the body of the Mercedes 300E (W124) six-cylinder to mount a spectacular 5.5 V8 560 SEC’s face after conversion. Not satisfied at AMG decided to double the initial cost of an AMG Mercedes 300E Original could give this machine a block 6.0-liter V8 and 375 hp, and a whole series of improvements to complete a saloon able to ridicule many sports at the time.

Mercedes S 65 AMG: reportedly set to debut in Los Angeles

Mercedes-Magic-Body-control-170513-02While we already at the arrival of a convertible variant of the Mercedes S-Class variant according to the latest rumors coming in 2015, there are new details Mercedes S 65 AMG. New details that point directly to the mechanic explaining major Mercedes S-Class range will be present at the next Hall of Los Angeles.

From point and the Automobile Magazine November 22, the Hall of Los Angeles, as the date chosen by Mercedes to introduce the perfect companion to the luxury saloon: a block of 12 cylinder V The finest mechanics, Mercedes, luxury and refinement, and ready to perform in society … How far will the V12 in the S-Class vain?

Mercedes-Benz GL Grand Edition, the departure of the GL

When any issue comes Grand Edition of any Mercedes-Benz means that their days are numbered, that generational change is very close and that will give the model a dignified retirement. It has gone through almost all existing models and also recently renovated and will not change if the way forward for the brand with the star. The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class was not going to be less and also have special farewell edition.

Five years and market leading Mercedes-Benz GL-Class since its release in 2006. At that time, if main rival, the Audi Q7 has been better success in our country, according to sales recorded by both models. That’s why I predict that this Mercedes-Benz GL Grand Edition limited penetration in our market. If the normal model is seldom seen on the streets, less will do a more exclusive and more expensive.

As in all editions Grand Edition, the changes from the normal model are basically aesthetic improvements and some interior materials. The Mercedes-Benz GL Grand Edition is no less and shows us a new front bumper with details such as redesigned to accommodate daytime running lights, darkened grille and a new optical groups also obscured.

Mercedes S 63 AMG at a price from 175,300 euros: luxury and sport reconciled through technology

13C671_027-dm-700pxThe Mercedes class S 63 AMG aims to break the myth , once and for all , that the best place to enjoy a luxury saloon is its rear. If you doubted that a limousine between 5.16 meters and 5.29 meters long – as battle – could enjoy sports skills , Mercedes and AMG are willing to convince us otherwise with the help of technology and the experience gained models as radical as the SLS AMG Coupé Black Series .

The Mercedes Class S 63 AMG will arrive in dealerships Spanish with two versions: the S 63 AMG SWB from 175,300 euros and the S 63 AMG 4MATIC long battle with AWD from 183,200 euros. Both will have a twin-turbo AMG 5.5-liter V8 with 585 hp and a change sporty AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed . The news presented are many and not only affect their power and performance , but are almost 50,000 euros above the most powerful S-Class , the S 500 and S 500 4MATIC long battle with 455 hp.

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