Carlsson vitamin the new Mercedes S-Class with 780 hp

mercedes-clase-s-2013-carlsson-p1The new Mercedes S class has just begun to be marketed in some markets, but the expectation has created since it was introduced is hard to find another car. Parallel to the expectant arrival of the first units to dealers of half the world, has created a race between the coaches to see which is the company that creates the change prettier, more extreme or more powerful on Class S.

Brabus has been once again has taken the lead, with the introduction of a preparation with 730 hp and lavish Biturbo Brabus 850 iBusiness 6.0 850 hp. However, Carlsson being left behind and has recently unveiled its proposed new S-Class Presents numerous cosmetic changes and major engine potentisations variants S 500 and S 63 AMG.

mercedes-clase-s-2013-carlsson-p2Starting with the aesthetics, we see that they have installed a redesigned aero kit, which has a fairly restrained design for what is usually common in such preparations. Add a new front bumper with larger air intakes, a small front lip, side skirts, a new rear diffuser and four tailpipes. Also, add a few tires with typical Carlsson design, available in sizes 19, 20 and 21 inches.

We now turn to the inside, the point at which this preparation more failure in my view, as it has lost some of that “modern elegance” emanating from the Class S due to the use of materials and strident tones. The diamond pattern upholstery and interior lighting colors as well as the installation of large TV screens in the back (not seen in the photos), breaks with the original purpose of the class S. Added a new infotainment system and a wifi connection.

mercedes-clase-s-2013-carlsson-p3The preparation fattest comes from the hand of engine tweaks. Although they have not communicated how they succeed, have announced that the 4.7 V8 S 500 increases its power of 456-610 hp, while torque rises from 700 to 900 Nm. In addition, the S 63 AMG figures up to the already respectable 585 hp and 900 Nm to an impressive 780 hp and 1050 Nm. There have been reported if the mechanics have needed some additional reinforcement or what benefits these variants recorded now.

A stylish sporty exterior and accompanied by a great deal of power and a somewhat striking interior are the main features of the trick of customers Carlsson to conquer the new Mercedes S Class wanting a different image to the neighbor.

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