Car Maintenance Tips

Just because your car has high miles does not mean it is ready for the auto graveyard. If you continue to treat it right with regular auto repair Palatine IL, your car can give you many more safe miles.

As the engine ages, the performance decreases. Oil begins to break down faster than when your car was shiny and new. Seals also deteriorate over time and gaskets become brittle. With proper maintenance, you not only extend the life of your car, but you can also prevent costly repairs.

Here are seven rules that will keep everything in working order.

Rule #1: Get Regular Oil Changes

Oil changes are necessary every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever occurs first. There really are no exceptions to this. If you think of motor oil as the lifeblood that runs through the engine, which is heart of your car, you will understand that one will not function without the other. Keeping up with the oil change schedule is vital.

Rule #2: Get Tire Pressure Checks

At least once each month, you should have the tire pressure checked to avoid unexpected flats. Some auto parts stores or even dealer shops may check the pressure for free. In addition, rotating tires and having the alignment checked should be done on a regular basis.

Rule #3: Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Do not overlook warning signs that something may need to be checked out. This does not mean that every ping or thump is one mile from disaster. Different cars have their own peculiarities, which means some sounds are normal.

However, high-mileage cars might show a sign that is normal for what is to come next: a major repair of left unchecked. Whether it is a smell, feeling or sound, have it checked.

Rule #4: Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

Even when your car is running at its best, you should not skip getting a regular tune-up. This is a time to ensure major components are running smoothly. Your mechanic should check belts and replaccar Maintenance Tipse any that are beginning to wear out. An analysis of how the engine, computer systems, safety systems and undercard will let you know what could become a major problem.

Rule #5: Make Sure Your Car is Ready for All Seasons

Keep your car in good shape for every season. Defending against elements lessens the chance of having a costly repair.

Rule #6: Find a Good Certified Technician

Find a shop that only hires ASE-certified technicians who will not only make needed repairs, but will also listen to your concerns. A good mechanic knows it is important to answer your questions and make sure you understand the work that may need to be performed.

Giving your high-mileage car some consistent TLC helps to ensure it will feel young enough to continue going the distance.

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