BMW recorded a long list of names, including new M and Series 2

Do you remember the case of Audi with multiple registration of names? A visit to the record left us on the trail of 7 new models and versions, with two new SUVs or sports hypothetical below R8, R6. Now comes the turn to BMW. And get ready, because if shelling the list of possible new Audi became a fun exercise in imagination and speculation, now it imagine what the future of BMW.

A future in which the M seems to be very present, very much present and even M models not only pure but also apparently airbrushed models for this department beyond a single packet M. But the advanced models are not the only novelty of the list. News from the crossover of the brand new electric models, Series 2 and 4…

Of course one must keep in mind that despite all these names registered BMW does not mean that the firm will lead to the production at all, let alone play in a short period of time more than 30 names have been registered , but we used to have some clues to the movements that could make the brand in the future.
We rather present a new name for coupe and convertible models of the 3 Series, BMW 4, since it seems that we will find a new SUV with the same number, X4, did a coupe SUV to try to deal success in sales of Evoke? But we would also have an X2 derivative A coupe version of the X1?

The 1 Series coupe and convertible, as with the 3 Series, could be labeled as Series 2 and even make way for new variants of the 1 Series coupe and cabriolet addition, under this denomination. In the list of registered names we find the Active Tourer Series 2, but we can not ignore the record, a year ago, the name of M2 and that the list also shows the M1 will we see a 1 series sedan in addition M coupe?

But M is not the only surprise. M7 also displayed a performance based version of the BMW 7 Series, perhaps to deal with hypothetical Audi RS8, and M10 also appears what could be behind this name? A sport?

BMW has also registered the M35, M40, M50d, M55, M300, M350, M400, M500, M130, M135, M140, M230, M235, M240, M330, M335, M340, M430, M435, M440, M450, M550, M650 M750 and what conclusions can we draw from this?

It seems that, while continuing to confirming the presence of the Series 2 and Series 4, we have a number of models touched by the hand of most sports department of the brand, something like what we already know with the M550d, models with a specific engine performance based and all additives with M body kit and interior details.

They also appear the names of Compactive, Compactive tourer, Grand Tourer and Urbanic, with also the name of ways and new technologies, SportMode, CoolMode, Air Necklace, BMW Turbotec, eCharged Drive, LifeDrive yi Pedelec and what appear at first I imagined paint finishes or names or materials: Corniche, Shadow, Wraith, Cloud and Dawn (curious relationship with the names of Rolls Royce).

Putting an end the most futuristic range with i, recording all the names from the i1 i9, leaving us all on the trail of a possible electric range beyond the known models, but also recorded from the E1 to E9 BMW, why would this name be reserved?

A curious window into what could be the future of the brand you stand, in my view, the incorporation of the new Series 2 and Series 4 and the imposing presence of the M in a wide range of models.



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