BMW Pick-Up 2002 of 1971, the knight of the sad figure

Do not look anywhere else that you’ll never find. Definitely the BMW 2002 never had a body of Pick-Up, but only coupe and sedan versions paths manufactured between 1962 and 1975. Nor is that BMW have dared to design a prototype in this manner as they did recently with the BMW M3 Pickup. The reality is that the owner of what was a fantastic BMW 2002 could not think of how best to adapt it to get extra storage space to transform his new coupe in a pick-up.

Originally this pick-up was born of a BMW 2002 (1600), 1971 coupé body. The 2002 model, or as it was called in the beginning Neue Klasse (New Class in German), is the true predecessor of the current 3 Series and a model who once managed to define the features of design, quality and sportiness that continues today trying to preserve the brand in their creations. Today is a highly prized classic, just have to see that despite the unfortunate incident of his transformation this model auctioned on eBay and is on track for $ 12,000 (more than 9,500 €) to three days after the auction ends.

The original engine was replaced in 1600 cm3 transformation by six cylinders and twelve valves used in the 80’s by models like the E30 3 Series, the E34 5 Series or even the BMW Z1. Associated with this a manual transmission five-speed Geartag 260.

Within the aberration of transforming a beautiful BMW 2002 coupe and a pick-up, I must say that the work has been done with great care, as shown in the final finish quality that seems sincerely factory. To maintain the structural rigidity was reinforced around the B-pillar with additional steel columns. The body in turn received some touches of style as a new chrome front or some. Cargo space discovered the pick-up this was garnished with aluminum frame and covered with wood trim.

Finally, never autorizaríamos transformation of this caliber. But at least this BMW 2002 Pick-Up appears that after its strange appearance there is a professional job, is not it?

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