BMW M3: it sounds like the new generation?

bmw-m-performance-essen-2012-07-1024x691 (1)We want to see as the new BMW M3. The M3 and of course the BMW M4. Luckily, it seems that there is too much for us to know the alternative sports saloon BMW mean to a new generation of myth. The latest rumors we had been warned about it … now it’s BMW to launch with a video where the sound seems to be in the hands of the new generation of the BMW M3.

The German firm has not confirmed this development in video form that is the BMW M3, but sticking to the forecasts in the arrival of new models referred think so, we are facing the new BMW M3 roaring for our delight before its official … may well be in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

Little left to view the video presented on the official Youtube channel under the title BMW “BMW M is preparing something new” or what is the same, a statement of sportiness, especially when you consider the melody that accompanies video, of a fruit next model BMW M department.

The options involve the future BMW Series 2 and sporty alternative, either the BMW M235i, which seems the most logical choice, the BMW M3. Given the dates that are, just a month … Frankfurt in September will be presented the BMW M3?

With a block of 6-cylinder, supercharged to 450 hp, has spoken of Frankfurt as a stage to be presented, although it has been talked about that next month could also show conceptually BMW to BMW M4. In any case it seems that before 2013 end to know the BMW M3 and even the BMW M4. For now, this video leaves us could well be the melody of the future M3.

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