BMW M3 Coupe Edition Lime Rock Park, 200 units for U.S. only

I do not know you, but I long ago lost count of the numerous limited editions with which it is counting the BMW M3 in recent times, most of them dedicated to specific markets, such as the United Kingdom, United States or China. Here is another new special limited edition and numbered, in this case only for the U.S. market: the BMW M3 Coupe Edition Lime Rock Park.

We do not know if this will be the final swan song for the BMW M3 E92, as the new generation of Bavarian coupe will be released soon (its sister version, the F30 BMW 3 Series four-door sedan is already in the street) but if that were so, does not seem a bad goodbye … but the BMW M3 GTS seems unlikely to be overcome in the present generation. This BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition will be sold 200 units, all in the U.S., with first deliveries scheduled from September.

With this BMW M3 Coupe Edition Lime Rock Park, which is named after the eponymous circuit located in Connecticut, developments are not radical and are limited to a little customization and a few modifications. Created by BMW USA in partnership with Skip Barber, owner of Lime Rock Park said circuit, known for its orange Orange Fire (not offered other options for painting), as well as its roof made of carbon fiber and numerous pieces belonging to the BMW Performance catalog.

Some of these pieces are the front and rear wings, also made of carbon fiber, titanium sports exhaust his or her steering wheel and leather upholstery and Alcantara interior, with a combination of anthracite and black colors. Inside is also a commemorative plaque, with the corresponding number.

Moreover, if the BMW M3 Coupé is marketed in the U.S. at a price of $ 60,995, this special edition will do the same for a price of $ 70,995, ie about $ 10,000 more. It seems for too much just to have a little more exclusivity. Although these figures do not include applicable taxes, better not get into comparisons with the price of an M3 in the European market or Spanish, because I fear be the losers …

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