BMW i8: anticipating a future line of plug-in hybrid powered coupe

While BMW is renewing two fundamental bases of its range, such as the Series 1 and  Series 3 , the brand has already prepared his line for the future, starring two models that represent all the values ​​and conceptual design, which could be the future medium to long term brand.

Both are of two distinct segments, the i3 a compact, i8, a sporty coupe cut, but both maintain the essence of Being an online futuristic vehicles, to keep the DNA of the Bavarian firm, which also counted in his heart with the latest hybrid technology of the brand. This time, we focus on in-depth knowledge of the BMW i8.

A futuristic aesthetic for a four-seat coupe and sports court
bmw-i8-concept-14-dmWith a marked aesthetic sports dyes, the BMW i8 is presented as the answer to which could be the future of the firm coupe. A line was created with two levels in the body, the black structure and silver plates, a facet that makes it look very smoothly and stands as one of its main attractions aesthetic. Highlights the large glazed surface of its body, including large open side doors with scissors and expose an interior with a configuration of 2 +2.

The BMW i8, introduced as a body, the concept that the brand has been defined as LifeDrive, two modules divided into Drive, where we are with the chassis set up largely of aluminum, located where the technology would find its proponents, and the area controlled deformation in case of accident, and on the other hand, the cell Life zone created with a synthetic material and carbon fiber to be located inside the vehicle.

bmw-i8-concept-09-dmWith this structural concept, BMW claims a weight distribution, arriving at 50:50, also having a very low center of gravity thus reinforcing his role as a sports car. Its length is 4.63 meters and would have a boot of 150 liters.

A 96 hp electric engine and a combustion of 164 are responsible for moving the i8
bmw-i8-concept-03-dmCharge of giving life to this prototype, we find an electric motor located on the front axle. This engine, delivers an output of 96 horses attached to a combustion engine at the rear axle. This engine gets, with only three cylinders, a power of 164 hp with a torque of 300 Nm.

His mechanical hybrid combines with a lithium-ion batteries which have the characteristic of being able to be recharged in a wall outlet, thereby making the i8 into a hybrid plug-in. Given the presence of the two motors in different axes, we have a system driving all four wheels, able to score a 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 250 km / h.

bmw-i8-concept-26-dmWith this engine, the BMW approves a consumption of 2.7 liters per 100km, with emissions of 66 g / km of CO2. Batteries, or recharge with an hour and 45 minutes, after which time, we can go 35 miles in pure electric mode.

So far, two prototypes, both the i3 and the i8, continue their journey, testing components and making an appearance in many of the rooms in which the brand appears, the last in the Frankfurt Motor Show in late 2011.


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