BMW gearbox records a 7-speed manual


BMW has developed a 7-speed manual shift. A gear for manual shifting of the firm if it is true the information coming from the patent office. Yes, again, the record leaves us with a juicy news after providing us with the long list of names recorded by BMW for some of its future models may not all materialize, of course, but who has not imagined and the BMW M7 after seeing his name registered?

We have experienced changes over the relationship of 5 to 6, today, is already a rare car that has a 5-speed transmission and not a 6, now it seems that we have to get used to seeing a larger number in our hand, the 7 th place and move to a position farther than the 6th our gear lever.

90Post forum has posted information on the patent has been registered on this BMW 7-speed change, it also showed us forum name registration by BMW and that left us, among others, with confirmation of Series 2, Series 4 and a number of models M.

This record leaves us with a BMW idea that Porsche has already explored and brought into production with the latest Porsche 911, thus showing us the future of the next manual gearboxes brand in order to meet consumption figures and emission therefore inferior.

A change that would also incorporate a system that would prevent us from making too abrupt and dangerous changes to the transmission, but in addition, these patents disclose the possibility of having a manual which would dispense with the clutch pedal. Under the heading of Shift by Wire, this system would interpret the shifting lever to move the driver, analyzing and preventing potential changes to make the changes inadequate, while if it is optimal change, the clutch is disengaged allowing the fly without engaging need some stepping-release the clutch pedal.

BMW_Patent_7MT_2As with the models name registration, this registration does not mean we will see this change safely 7-speed, and even does not mean they’re going to see if finally come to know over the next months, maybe even not to do so or in the coming years, but certainly, it is interesting and curious about future brand models.

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