BMW Active Tourer Concept Preview minivan hybrid BMW 1 Series GT

BMW Concept Active Tourer

While we await the final arrival of a compact MPV based on the BMW 1 Series, and we have a first approach to this final model with the BMW Concept Active Tourer. It is a plug-in hybrid prototype to be presented at the Paris Motor Show, the design invites us to think that his line will not change excessively prior to commencing production, expected over the next year, but still do not know the calendar hypothetical official launch of BMW 1 Series GT which I already had talked in recent days.

The essence of BMW Active Tourer Concept is a high roofline and generous wheelbase of 2.67 meters ensure a spacious and comfortable interior and a large trunk. Precisely the boot will be one of the most important aspects of this compact come over for having a flat floor and a double bottom, accessible from a large gate with a lower loading port, and folding seat backs in three parts 40 : 20:40.

Regarding a BMW 1 Series 5-door, though its length is similar, is significantly taller and wider. It is equipped with front-wheel drive, but the peculiarity of this prototype is its plug-in hybrid mechanics.

Plug-in hybrid and advancement of the new engines of 3, 4 and 6 cylinder
BMW Concept Active TourerThe BMW Active Tourer Concept debuts the new mechanics of three cylinders of the house, with 1,500 cm3 and supercharged with TwinPower Turbo technology in the home. Recall that BMW has been working on a new generation of diesel and gasoline 500 cm3 per cylinder engines for its range of three, four and six cylinders. Essentially this engine is “medium” V6. Unlike other BMW models, traditionally rear-drive, this engine works only on the front axle.

The electric motor in turn provides power to the rear axle and is able to operate without intervention of the thermal engine. In set mode power output is 190 hp and can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in less than 8 seconds, similar to records of a BMW 118i (170 hp) hatchback. According to the approval of PHEVs consumption remains at 2.5 litres/100 kilometers with emissions below 60 g / km of CO2. In pure electric mode can travel more than 30 miles without wasting gasoline.

This is the first practical use eDrive system hitherto knew in the BMW i8.

The experience of its spacious cabin
BMW Concept Active TourerThis prototype has been designed also trying to accentuate your body with typical details of what could be the highest version of the BMW 1 Series GT. The body is decorated in silver gray Silver High Reflection in the front are aluminum inserts, matte and shiny surfaces, a set of headlights with LED line and a generous 20 “wheels.

The carrier has tried to give a greater sense of space using fine materials such as nubuck leather coverings clear and smooth, wood Streakline and intelligent design, for example for bridge-type center console and completely hollow below .

Another detail that also ensures the feeling of interior space is its full panoramic roof Cool Shade. This lens is equipped with superior technology that allows particles to pass opaque glass (or translucent dark) to completely transparent push of a button, depending on whether we want to protect from sunlight or increase natural lighting in the cabin.

Lots of comfort technology, security and entertainment
BMW Concept Active TourerTechnology does not lack in this prototype. The instrument panel consists of a large display of 10.25 inches that nevertheless maintains a design “watches” for the speedometer and tachometer, and also shows the volume of the fuel tank and oil temperature. The advantage of using a fully digital instrument panel is the ease with which changes the arrangement of the elements and the decoration to suit the needs of each driving mode, either comfort, sport or Pro Eco.

The dashboard integrates a screen 8 “center informs us of the hybrid operation, synchronized at all times with your browser to help optimize the overall efficiency of propulsion. For example investigates the path, speed limits and traffic density to ensure that energy consumption is minimized with advance warning us.

The rear seats have been provided with brackets on the back of the front seats, suitable for integration with a tablet-PC horizontally or vertically. Curiously, even BMW has developed a new application for iPad called Seismic Surf with a car racing game with “ecological criteria”.

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