BMW 520d GT and 163 horsepower, the 5 Series GT now from € 49,900

On more than one occasion we analyzed the reasons why the BMW 5 GT Series has not met their expectations with how happy they were promised before launch. An analysis very daring, but with sense would think that the starting price may not correspond with the advantages compared to a BMW 5 Series Touring Sedan or family. Until recently the BMW 5 GT Series game was € 20,000 and € 15,000 respectively more expensive than these.

Just starting price was due to the lack of access engine, maybe your body modest, but consistent with what they demand a wider range of buyers. Is introduced by both the new BMW 520d GT with a block of 1,995 cm3 diesel modest and 163 hp. The good news is that its price will be € 49,900, which is about 12,000 € less than the next higher model, the BMW 530d 211 hp GT which sells for € 61,600. It seems that now, the range BMW 5 Series GT has a very competitive entry model price and also for consumption and efficiency.

Also keep in mind that this model is only available with automatic transmission 8-speed Steptronic, it also helps not only a comfortable ride but slightly fuel saving thanks to the support of an improved torque converter.

The BMW 520d 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers homologous GT and CO2 emissions of 139 g / km which allow the tax rate payable on enrollment is 4.75%. In this sense, obviously, be more profitable than a BMW 530d six-cylinder GT line. But consumption was only a few tenths higher, namely from 5.8 litres/100 kilometers and as long as we talk about the mechanics of 211 hp and rear wheel drive.

Among the recent developments of the BMW 5 Series GT should also mention a small increase in power for the BMW 530d xDrive GT, up to 258 hp, and the BMW 550i that grows up to 449 hp.

Prices range BMW 5 Series GT :

  • Gran Turismo 520d (163 hp): 49.900 €
  • Gran Turismo 530d (211 hp): € 61,600
  • Gran Turismo xDrive 530d (258 hp): 67,000 €
  • Gran Turismo 535d (313 hp): € 66,600
  • Gran Turismo xDrive 535d (313 hp): € 72,100
  • Gran Turismo 535i (306 hp): € 63,800
  • 535i xDrive Gran Turismo (306 hp): € 66,600
  • Gran Turismo 550i (449 hp): € 89,900
  • Gran Turismo xDrive 550i (449 hp): € 92,900

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