BMW 114d: new first step of the range diesel with 95 hp

BMW continues to expand its range from the first steps. Again, it is the turn of the 1 Series, which gets a new engine and access model to the range of the small Bavarian family. The BMW 114d comes to deliver the economic vision from the range 1 Series diesel to come equipped with a 95 hp engine, configured so as not only the diesel model more accessible, but also less powerful model in the range.

Along with the 114i, 114d now comes as an alternative to diesel ready to become the choice of all those you liked the new 1 Series and not seek or need more than 100 horses, but the aesthetic value of the Series 1 and low fuel consumption provided by this engine.

This engine, which has appeared on the international site of the firm and has confirmed that the firm itself and the network of dealers, comes after the appearance of the 114i that was responsible for opening the way for new engines access to the range and with a brief review provided a power of 102 horses with a starting price of 20,900 euros (114i Essential Edition), a consumption of 5.5 l/100 km and that came as a result of the addition of the AWD system to the range with the 120d and the M135i as protagonists.

The BMW 114d features a 4-cylinder diesel block with a displacement of 1,598 cc, claiming a power of 95 hp at 4,000 rpm with a torque of 235 Nm between 1,500 and 2,750 rpm.

With these 95 horses, the BMW 114d to 100 km / h stopping the clock at 12.2 seconds, setting a speed of 185 km / h. Its combined fuel consumption is 4.2 l/100 km with emissions of 112 g / km of CO2.

At the moment there are no prices available, or to Spain or to other markets, so we’ll have to wait for BMW to announce its arrival at the 1 Series range beyond the list of technical specifications of their models on the international site confirmation of the sales network, we said yes will be marketed in Spain, but that currently do not have final prices (only an estimated will cost about 800 – 1.00 euros higher than the 114i) or accept orders . Arrive later this year to our market.

Undoubtedly raise controversy over the incorporation of an engine that many crave it as rare case of a compact premium, but it sure meets the needs of a number of people who do not seek more power and do want to enjoy the new 1 Series BMW.


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