BMW 1 Series will show the “GT” front-wheel drive in the Paris Motor Show

The BMW 1 Series seems to leave us with one of the most prolific series of the German mark. If we are still mulling over the possibility of finding a derivative of the compact sedan now turn to the rumors he is called to be the most controversial model of BMW in a while. And that the 1 Series, knows quite controversial.

I speak of course that prepares the new model BMW with FWD. Yes, BMW and front wheel drive. This Series 1, which in the past have called GT and already we have seen some that they are cured of fright after seeing some recreation, could be closer than it appears and submitted before the end of this year, in the Hall Paris.

Serie1_GT_2The French event that takes place between September 29 and October 14 begins to have a good list of new features and will be discovered there. The Mazda 6, perhaps the new Golf GTI, it seems that the new Volvo XC40 also … And now this Series 1, front-wheel drive and a more practical philosophy.

Serie1_GT_1The idea for the 1 Series GT, or at least that’s what the rumors suggest, is to use the front-drive platform of the next Mini, with 5-door body, to develop this Series 1 GT minivan that some aspect has received the internal name of “entry level” according to Autocar.

Serie1_GT_3Ready to rival the Mercedes B-Class rumor has it will, in addition to front-wheel drive, with a block of 1.5 liter 3 cylinder engine will also be present in future Mini. In late September we know allegedly arriving in showrooms two years later, in 2014.


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