BMW 1 Series GT, will you be ready for front-wheel drive minivan the Paris Motor Show?

BMW 1 Series GT

I always wondered why BMW had not pitched a compact MPV. It is true that models like the 5 Series GT have tried to fill this gap, but his approach was totally different and perhaps nothing appropriate for European taste. And it is also true that after the boom of a few years minivans have ravaged the roader to encroach on the terrain of these practical vehicles and “cannibalizing” sales.

But with the current situation any attempt to penetrate new segments and “scratch” sales to rivals is always good. Perhaps for that reason we are talking about the BMW 1 Series GT, apparently ready for presentation at the upcoming Paris Motor Show with the side and the German section of Auto Bild has taken on in his magazine cover this month. In principle aim would be a prototype almost ready to start production.

In Autobild even dare to give its price in Germany from € 26,000. Arguably be among BMW 1 Series and the X1 and German prices as being € 4,100 more expensive than the first and € 1,800 cheaper than the second.

Mercedes B ClassThe goal of BMW is on enhancing its range of access and gain weight in the compact segment, for which a minivan would be an important first step. We think that in that sense the Mercedes Class B, and even more in the new generation, has gained a very important position to take the lead over its rivals and fellow Germans. Did you know that so far this year, the Mercedes B-Class has been the second best-selling model of the brand in Spain after the Class C and of course waiting for the expected success of the new Class A? Well in fact the way things are, and the best-selling margin is actually quite narrow.

What we already goes like least is the idea that this model debuts new front-drive platform of BMW, announced a movement nor predictable and remains a strategy to save costs and be more competitive in the market.

But until it is confirmed that the BMW 1 Series GT will be among us, all that we comment they are still speculations with some basis that we just take for granted when present at the Paris Motor Show.

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