Bentley also prepares a surprise for Goodwood

Bentley aims to surprise at Goodwood. If Renault has pointed to leave us with something new, do not know if the hand of Alpine, perhaps with a production version, or the Clio, presenting some details of the next generation or a farewell edition of the current now our attention is focused on Bentley, who also cited us already know this festival to a new British firm.

Bentley then present a surprise at Goodwood, but what will surprise? We have to wait until next June 28, the date on which will start the festival to find out, but what a case will be the review of the Bentley EXP 9 F? Apparently not, the manager of surprise at the festival will be the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

Sportiness and luxury are two characteristics that we often see parading through the Festival of Speed at Goodwood. In the event this year the combination was not going to be another, and among those present seem to leave us with the Bentley Continental GT Speed again.

Bentley has issued a press release in which he said the world premiere of a new model and has also cited the presence of EXP 9 F, but not in its final form, but even as a concept vehicle. There will also be the Mulliner Driving Specification Bentley Mulsanne and the Continental GT with the V8.

Besides these, Bentley says the debut of a new model that takes care of combining, “an impressive performance with the traditional exquisite luxury Bentley.” Everything points then we will find the Bentley Continental GT Speed 2012, set to debut with a line without too many changes, leading to block W12 biturbo 6.0 above 600 hp. In a couple of weeks, we find that we have prepared surprise Bentley Goodwood.

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