BASS 770: This is the Ford Mustang of your dreams

equus-bass-770-p-1 The restomod is a kind of preparation is to upgrade to modern standards classic cars. The idea is to update all components, from engine to interior, but without losing the original look. It is similar to what has been proposed Automotive Equus with BASS770. Why not join the Ford Mustang Fastback design first-generation benefits aggression and madness of a modern Shelby GT500? The idea is brilliant, the execution even more.

The starting point is a derivative of a Mustang body. Widens slightly and is coupled a new front, which features a grille with two optical round bottom center position. Leaving aside the tires and the inscription “770” can be read on the front fenders, profile could pass for a classic Mustang. Behind changes are subtle, some optical elongated LED – very 70s – and two exhaust pipes, which anticipate the storm comes up …
Entering the cabin, we still have a classic taste in appearance, but really this is a thoroughly modern interior. Equus has partnered with various manufacturers of premium-oriented components, and this is how sports seats have been installed with high quality leather and a polished aluminum spheres instrumentation. The controls are simple, and are clearly oriented to the driver, holding a steering wheel similar to the current Mustang.

A small shift lever occupies the center stage in the center console, along with a team of infotainment and some additional clocks with information about the car. The roof is coated on high quality Alcantara. Equus provides complete customization inside the BASS770 at will of the client, you can choose all kinds of materials and colors. The rear seats are the right size but can only accommodate two adults.
Equus emphasizes the car’s interior is comfortable and refined, and I believe them. Because among other things, will have cruise control series, browser with full connectivity or control system tire pressure. There is another coach more, all details are cared the most. Above all to know what is hidden under the hood and integration into an aluminum chassis developed by Equus. It is assembled by hand and besides being lightweight, gives rigidity to a car that needs a lot.

Because under the hood there is a bomb. 6.2 It is the Corvette ZR1 LS9 V8, a huge supercharged V8 with a maximum power of 640 hp at 6,500 rpm. General Motors power a Ford muscle car inspiration. It seems a sacrilege, but if we’re seeking results do not look further. Its torque is of no less than 820 Nm at just 3,800 rpm. The passes power flow to the rear triggered by a manual gearbox six relations.
The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport on both axes, measuring 285/40 ZR19 for the rear axle and 255/40 ZR19 for the front axle. The braking equipment is also high level: Brembo calipers and discs with six-piston calipers and 15.5 inches in the front axle. In addition to use a Corvette engine also uses some toys of General Motors, and Magnetic Selective Ride adaptive suspension, Performance Traction Management, Active Handling System and address of variable steering ratio.

Electronic toys aimed at putting BASS770 dynamics at the level of a Corvette, Ford bodied. The acceleration of 0-96 km / h in 3.4 seconds, and top speed approved by this monster is 320 km / h. A compendium high technology, high performance chassis and classic aesthetics. A muscle car supercar that is worth the money. And it costs just little: their prices start at $ 250,000 and factory options may already be $ 290,000.

I think I’ll start saving. Does anyone give me a euro? The reason is well worth it: the Ford Mustang is perfect.

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