Audi unveils five new equipment packages for the A1 Promotional

Audi has a new promotion, this time for the smallest of the house. Better promotion, promotions, and that unlike other models in the home they have received in recent months the S package at an affordable price, the A1 has 5 discount option packages to customize and add more features at lower prices.

Fully immersed in speculation about the names registered by the brand to some of its future models, Audi gives us a good excuse to spend a little more money if you were thinking about buying an A1, an investment that offers an extra change in equipment at a lower price than would purchase separately.

This promotion takes as a starting point to finish both Attraction and the Ambition. For the former, Audi offers two packages, while the other three are assigned to Ambition. The Ingolstadt firm has not specified the starting power level so presumably applies to the entire engine range.

Starting Attraction finishing with the package we Kult, which adds to A1 15-inch wheels, leather steering wheel, fog lamps and center armrest. This package represents a premium of 500 euros. The second package to the finish attaction is called Style, which includes 16-inch wheels and frames in contrast to the paintwork for 945 euros.

At Ambition we finish with the Sport Package, which following the progression of the above packages is mounted a tire of an inch top, 17 inches, then add the A1 S Line exterior package which includes a new bumper , specific radiator grille, spoiler, fog lights, dual exhaust outlets and door thresholds recorded with the S Line. The price is 1,550 euros, making it cheaper than the S Line package itself, taking into account also added 17-inch wheels.

The second package is the finishing Ambition Design, which adds xenon headlights, specific lighting for interior, roof frames and mirrors in a different tone and interior details, such as aerators, silver, for 1,525 euros. Finally, the Sport & Design which offers the combination of the latter two packages for a price of 3,080 euros.

An interesting proposal to accompany the purchase of A1 with an extra equipment in addition to the line that we had seen in the TT S Line Edition or A5 S Line Edition, but going a step further, offering more equipment on promotion and not only the S Line exterior package.

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