Audi Q3 vs Range Rover Evoque: two face to face premium SUV

The emergence of compact SUV designed for the city and the road not taken by surprise by the manufacturers considered premium, which have opted to launch their own models willing to take this concept to a new level of comfort, luxury, distinction and even some sportiness . Its introduction into Europe by SUV model and aspiring sports coupe already served – and still serves – to Infiniti to gain ground in a market that arguably remain the “newcomers”.

It is a good time to analyze two of the most anticipated releases of the past year: Audi Q3 and Range Rover Evoque, that with all the merit of the world are presented as two candidates with a good chance for the contest ISC Internet Car of the Year 2012 BP Ultimate.

Do we accompany for a brief review of the best offers each?

Audi Q3: the simple but very practical and stylish
By contrast Audi has opted for a very practical model, has a trunk of 460 liters and a very decent range in the rear seats, despite being the smallest of the range of crossover vehicles Q. Unlike the Range Rover Evoque and chic design, inside and out, the Audi Q3 German boasts simplicity, simple design on board but high-quality materials, as already stated my colleague Mario recently in your test Audi Q3. It is very easy to unfold in the urban environment.

The Audi Q3 is priced starting at around 30,000 € with TDI and TFSI engines between 140 and 211 horsepower, and a supply of extras worth over 12,000 €. It is available with manual and automatic S Tronic 7-speed, front wheel drive (only for TDI 140 hp) and total Quattro.

Range Rover Evoque: the more daring and exotic
The Range Rover Evoque is a phenomenon worthy of study. In the absence of a distinguished compact, Land Rover has managed to captivate buyers with its model less suitable for the field and more skilled on the road. Within the compact crossover vehicles offer a good balance has been achieved in certain dimensions and space (with a load capacity of 550-575 liters), yet in certain aspects that should guide a vehicle of urban design, such as visibility, makes it quite be desired.

Boasts one of the most sports with a chassis worthy of a good compact and balanced range of engines. Probably your best bet is the design and the elegance of its lines, with choice of three and five doors, and refined finishes and equipment. One way or another the Range Rover Evoque has captivated a wide spectrum of buyers, and that starting from the 35,000 € is not anywhere near an affordable option.

Despite being the more exotic with the Infiniti, Range Rover Evoque is already one of the models that we usually find on our roads. Part of the 35,000 € and is available with front and total petrol and diesel engines from 150 to 240 hp and automatic transmission option.

Which do you choose?

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