Audi City: The dealer will not have cars of the future

Imagine for a moment the dealer of the future, cars “flesh”, in which the exhibitors have given way to immense practical and high-resolution displays in which each model shows actual size and in great detail. Now let us imagine for a moment to contemplate the idea that Audi will launch soon in London, in a place as iconic as Picadilly Square to extend for the rest of cities around the world to raise twenty dealers across virtual the world in 2015.

Audi City meets the need of dealers located in the heart of big cities where the brick is listed too high and would be virtually impossible to establish a dealer network with exhibitors for such an extensive range, or at least a representative part of this, such as Audi, with more than forty models in its catalog, which are coming and many external configuration options, interior and colors available. Is this the future of the dealers?

A few days ago with my buddy Pepe reflected Giménez about this issue. The development of the cities have been relegating the presence of the car dealership to the outskirts of cities or industrial areas. The dealers in central cities such as Madrid are reduced to very specific and isolated by the difficulty and cost of an infrastructure that necessarily requires many square meters.

Obviously a virtual dealer can not and should replace the dealer life, with real models that ultimately we can climb, play or even listen to and together with the commercial out for a drive to prove it. The information goes far beyond what we see in a configurator, indeed, for it is our job and we urge you to read regularly to find out our first-hand view of the vehicles we tested.

But perhaps the idea of Audi City or mixed solutions with exhibitors for some representative models in promotion and virtual samples for the rest, makes sense. To some extent the objective pursued by Audi is very similar to that followed by the manufacturer of computers and electronics with its famous apple Apple Store, which generally are in such emblematic places that would be unfeasible or in some cases impossible for a car dealer .

Finally it seems a brilliant idea to make the first contact and customer interest, are deciding whether or not the purchase of a vehicle, which will be interested in the technology and who knows if later decide to purchase the model in question. On the other hand, the presence of these facilities can be perfectly reconciled with the presence of professional business that will ultimately be responsible to resolve the doubts that assail prospective buyers.

Realistically, the model of short-term virtual dealer may not replace the life-dealer but complement it and make buyers take that first step and an interest in a vehicle. Think that anyone who is already interested in a particular model will continue going to the dealers of all life to learn more, request a test, specify any conditions and making use of that ability and so Spanish tradition of haggling.

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