Audi A8 4.2 TDI, proof: this is the flagship of Audi

When we speak of a flagship model of a premium brand like Audi A8, we know it’s a luxury saloon car designed to be a corporate or institutional representation, or in other cases just as personal car someone looking size, performance and quality. But in addition to its technological showcases for equipment, over the years, will become general in brand models and other, so pay special attention to them.

The unit we tested 4.2 TDI engine mounts 350 hp coupled with a change S-Tronic and eight-speed quattro AWD. The body is normal, with five seats and 5.13 meters long. A version with bodywork of 5.26 meters and four squares called “Audi A8 L W12“, as it is sold only with a gasoline engine of 500 hp.

The Audi A8 is a relatively inconspicuous car. Who knows what drives carries in his hands a vehicle of 140,000 euros (price of the version tested), but it can go relatively unnoticed confused with a more premium sedan.

Shortly after collecting, circulating through the Gran Via in Madrid (for some reason all browsers think it’s a good idea despite the jams) went ahead by two police cars with emergency lights. Once I returned to my lane ahead, circling behind them for about 500 meters.

Perhaps at times like this, in which some heads turn toward the car seeking to know who is in the back, is where we are aware of the type of vehicle you are driving.

Exterior design of Audi A8
Introduced in 2010, the current generation of the Audi A8 maintains the roots of what should be a large sedan, but nevertheless moving towards a more dynamic cut. What does this mean? Seeing the car in profile you look at your C pillar falls from a milder form, with a tendency to be a coupe and not a sedan. The difference is clearer when compared to its predecessor introduced in 2003. Personally it is something not convince me, taking alternative brand Audi A7 Sportback as you would expect from a sedan the A8 is more classical possible.

Aside from this detail and possible interpretations, the main feature of their appearance is the elegance and imposing presence that gives, in addition to its line, the LED lighting that draws eyes very characteristic by elongated lines. The car’s exterior lighting consists entirely of LEDs, xenon is long gone when we got to this level.

At his side is particularly remarkable for embellishing chrome line the bottom and highlights your figure as well as the contrasts of light in his body on the line carved over the doors. Outdoor lighting in door handles completes a particularly spectacular presence especially at night.

Interior of the Audi A8
If there are aspects outside subjectively debatable, inside I must say that I can not find where to put a paste. It is designed so we can not find a detail that can be bad or improved. Not only for the quality of materials and luxurious appearance, comfortable and cozy, but also ergonomics in every detail. The center console has a lot of buttons, but nevertheless easily accessible resting your wrist on the shift lever (whose design evokes the nautical world).

Details of those who look away when entramamos in A8 is its analog clock as a tribute to the classic and watch lovers. However the driver why will not look away, because the time is also shown in the large display located between the speedometer and tachometer.

This screen has lots of information but very well structured in different screens with tabs labeled as a web page. The main ones are the trip computer (which shows the distance to the car ahead of us, something we will see in detail), the possible warnings as lack of water on the windshield, the radio or media information and music information browser.

indoor warmth
Besides that, the MMI screen is displayed in the center console, like that of his younger siblings, gives the interior of the necessary technological touch. From here you can configure all the parameters that are used as dynamic configuration of the suspensions, along with other specific A8 as interior ambient lighting can be set in ivory tones (more classic) and polar (most modern ), besides allowing the lighting of doors either polar or red tone.

The intensity of this light is configurable for each zone (for example, we can have it lower back on the feet), which gives us an idea that it is a car designed to satisfy even the rear seat travelers. Of course, the four-zone climate control and electrically adjustable seats in all possible variables are something that we are in the A8 (as an option for paying it back, of course).

The Audi A8 can have a good massage system in the front seats or all four seats. This is a real massage (ie as well as they can do a machine), which lets you choose between different modes and intensities. Interestingly, although it seems that may encourage sleep, in the 2,000 miles I did with the A8 I noted the contrary: when we massage stimulates tired back and espabila us, although it is true that other people could have the effect otherwise.

What are reversed its more than five meters long?
Something that struck me is the size of the boot. Are 510 liters, which certainly meets the expectations of almost any, but is smaller than the A6 (530 liters) and A7 (535 liters). To get an idea the A4 has 480 liters, which confirms that the cargo space does not grow in the same way that size.

Of course this has an explanation, which is that the A8 is designed to make traveling in the rear seats is a real treat. The center armrest, plus the function which it is named, has two storage compartments and rear air conditioning controls. The curtains of the rear windows to protect us from the sun or from prying eyes, and it is also possible to cover the rear window curtain with another electric driven from the center console.

When we refer to the comfort of the rear seats must make a small point: although it is approved for five passengers, the comfort of the central square is far closer to the rest. The reason is that the passenger rests his back on the folding armrest, which is very uncomfortable for long trips.

For this reason it is interesting the option of having only four seats, optional rear armrest amending giving it volume control plus climate control, and allows electrically adjustable seats with massage function. That itself is a bonus that we pay.

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