Aspid GT-21 Invictus: Aspid back with 450 horses and 990 kg

Aspid is back. The Spanish company returns with a new sports car, a new beast ready to conquer. After the prototype does IFR Aspid, after notifying a couple of weeks of his return, that the Undertaker created by Ignacio Fernandez had something important to tell us something, which has materialized today with the name of GT-21 Aspid Invictus.

A port in stronger, more serious, more aggressive than that IFR Aspid which inevitably reminds us of the Lotus Seven design. Now, there is something less than Seve, but its shape keeps reminding us of the essence, the search for passion and driving fun, fun that is supported by a formula of less than 1 ton plus 450 horses.

A long nose, a cabin with a design developed by IFR Automotive, more elaborate than the its predecessor, edges everywhere and a front view reveals slanted eyes accompanied by a large crowd of laminated air intakes, accompanying the view against the pair of front tires in the open. At its rear, wins leadership of the roof fall, softer lines until we got to the exits with their lenses. Profile, framed by the wheel and put the icing on the exhaust side outlets.

It has a length of 4.44 meters with a width of 1.90 meters and a height of 1.22 meters, counting on the inside with a 2 +2 seating configuration. The GT-21 Invictus Aspid is 700 mm longer than the Aspid SS.

According to the Aspid own, “between the design goals was to get the point of elegance and beauty that requires a premium car.” Since then the note of elegance have achieved, its beauty and is a matter of taste, of course, Aspid has not hesitated to mention his aggression “needed something more aggressive that provides the credentials of competition.”

Its engine, a BMW V8 with 450 horses with a hybrid system
To move such a size, to maintain the fierceness of their appearance, Aspid has used a block of BMW, a V 8 engine with a displacement of 4.4 liters that develops an output of 450 hp with a torque of 440 Nm almost even. In addition, Aspid has not overlooked the times in which we stand and has added to its mechanical hybrid systems, which have not been too many details to, and contain consumption, affect their dynamics.

With a weight of 990 kg dry next to the 450 horsepower delivered to the rear axle the GT-21 Invictus Aspid manages to stop the timer at 0 to 100 km / h in under 3 seconds with a top speed of over 300 km / h.

In addition to the driving experience it promises, aggressive, without a doubt their sportsmanship, Aspid also offers a shopping experience that goes from a customization that includes more than 100 different options, including also the change in geometry after obtain it from the engineering firm, to acquire experience in the factory of the firm, having at their disposal includes 20 dealers across Europe are also involved in the care of the Aspid and organizing events.

Aspid expects to begin producing the GT-21 Invictus in late 2014 with a price yet to be determined, with special attention to the European market, but also partially the American. We will follow closely the development of this new Aspid, which of course, given their numbers and seeing these first images, promises.


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