Artega GT: What happened to this promising features sporty Ferrari and Porsche?

artega-gt-02-dm-700pxI still remember the first time I met the existence of the Artega GT. I had just presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the best display for a model that was born with the hope of adding freshness in the sports segment. Your Porsche front and rear very very Ferrari invited to dream of a marina located in no man’s land. Henrik Fisker contributed to its design. The Artega GT was light, the central six-cylinder engine and 300 hp near powerful enough for a sports coupe would be called to compete with the 911 and the criticism of those who could prove really promising for a newcomer.

But it seems that Klaus Dieter Frers, founder of Artega Automobil GmbH & Co. KG, had chosen the worst time to embark on a project of this magnitude, the start of the Great Recession of the XXI Century. Since its inception Artega had seen the electric sports model as one of the keys to project medium and long term. Was invested to develop a prototype electric and this would be in 2011 at a very advanced stage of development. But while his rivals as Tesla Motors, triumphed, all efforts were in vain to save this brand since September ceased production of its only model to date, the GT.

We said that the Artega GT had garnered rave reviews, first in his presentation and later with the first tests that come with the start of production in Delbrück (Germany). Artega had bet on a sports fairly light, about 1,100 kilograms, 3,597 cm3 engine and six-cylinder Volkswagen origin. We also opted for a Volkswagen DSG transmission with about 300 hp achieved in less than 5 seconds reached the 100 km / h from standstill. Speeding was significantly faster than a Porsche Cayman S at the time (and also that the current 325 hp).

Artega launched its model with a correct price, slightly above 70,000 euros, and with the aim of producing a maximum of 500 units per year. But problems soon arrived and in 2010 Tresalia investment firm Capital acquired the company and its founder was stepping down as CEO Wolfgang Ziebart, Tresalia’s confidence.

Artega projects, however, went ahead. In 2011 it introduced the Artega SE electric engine with 380 hp and strengthened by a lithium ion battery of more than 300 kilograms. However promised to be as fast, or more, as the model presented above gasoline engine.

artega-gt-03-dm-700pxBut neither the good reviews from those who could drive the Artega GT or submitting your electric variant would be enough to make in September 2012 announced an indefinite cessation of production in Delbrück. He immediately made ​​known to Paragon AG, a subsidiary industry also settled in Delbrück, the company had acquired Artega without clarification on anything about resume production, let alone the future of GT and SE models.

By now know even how many units came into production. But probably have to assume that the Artega GT does not ever happen again, at least with this name and with this design. And with that seems to be precisely the Artega GT base which would have given the nth sporting life is called to dare equated with the jewel in Stuttgart, the Porsche 911.

spyker-b6-venator-02-dm-700pxAccording to the bad (or good) languages, B6 Venator Spyker would be based on the Artega GT. Which, seen in retrospect, it fits. The Spyker B6 Venator is longer, also heavier and powerful with 375 hp. But the engine is still a vee six-cylinder and dual clutch and six relations. But yes, talking about a price that will dwarf the 100,000 euros it seems that the Dutch will have nothing to do with his German brother.


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