Around the Circuit de Navarra in a Nissan GT-R 650 hp

During the last weekend took place in the circuit of Los Arcos, in Navarra, a trackday organized by our friends from around 8000. My health this weekend would not let me get close to the circuit but I can enjoy some stories, pictures and a video of the event.

There were a large number of sports but today we will focus on one, a Nissan GT-R, 2010 prepared properly for Car Power Improvement (CPI) to reach 750 hp, but in the video that I bring today is limited to about 650 hp, for preserving the transmission and clutch, which had been some problems than others.

The car in question belongs to Nestor Ramos, a lover of trackdays, which even has a record of the Spanish School of Pilots in the Jarama circuit with a time of 1’47 “6, ahead of a lot of Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 RS. Let’s see how it was spent in Navarre.

During the trackday, Marcos Martinez Ucha, friend and renowned Spanish rider who has competed in GP2, World Series and Formula Superleague, among other categories, had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of our GT-R to be a hero to the circuit ridden my Los Arcos, track he knows well.

This time, with Mark at the wheel, marked the second fastest time of the day, 1’55 “6, only behind a tray-(sorry not to have more data on it) to set a time three seconds faster than the preparation of this Godzilla which I’ll detail later.

It should also be noted that the times were marked at the end of the day, when the front tires were already quite crushed and, as you will see in the video, it was hard to put the car in curves. Mark emphasizes, above all, the ability to drive the car and brutal preparation that makes the power comes very suddenly.

The highlight of the preparation is the improvement of engine cooling systems for additional transmission and the engine itself, AP Racing discs, brake pads and hoses, among other things. At the moment the suspension is standard, but is considering the possibility of modifying it.

Outwardly we have added a rear spoiler, front spoiler, side skirts, wheels Volk Racing 20-inch ceiling vinilado … Here are some of the modified mechanical components:

  • HKS titanium exhaust Legamax
  • AMS intercooler and intake
  • Discharge valve HKS turbo
  • Downpipes without catalyst AMS
  • Transmission cooler kit
  • HKS spark plugs
  • HKS fuel pump
  • 1000 CC Injectors InyectorDynamics
  • Disc brakes front and rear AP Racing
  • HKS Kansai stabilizer bars

Although the list is much longer, we will not entertain us with every thing that has changed. I hope you liked the story and the car (video too), and I also expect to hear back to Nestor, Mark and the Nissan GT-R more beast than standard.

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