Approved for Renault Twizy drifting

“Will it drift?” You often wonder what the guys at Autocar from time to time, as an excuse for Mr. Steve Sutcliffe try to maintain a prolonged oversteering cars of diverse cultures. Other vehicles that have tried to practice drifting we find a London taxi, a limousine, a Lamborghini Aventador or a hearse. In this case, we find the little Renault Twizy 80.

The urban electric Renault has a very content, 17 hp and a chassis designed by Renault Sport. The engine is located in central-rear position and the power goes to rear exclusively. It seems that is optimum for drifting, but the 17 hp and its claims exclusively urban: not a car made to run, much less to go sideways in the corners.

Even so, the video can be seen that in a sliding surface can move sideways without interruption. However, the surface on which it does simulate the pure ice, and the car goes with the throttle all the time. Speed is very moderate, appears contravolantear child’s play, according to the fun side of Sutcliffe and virtually no effort with the steering wheel.

My colleague David tested the car in Ibiza, and although no standard has electronic controls, a vehicle is not nervous or dangerous reactions, even tends to oversteer when you seek the tickling. Contrary to what seems, has an excellent ground clearance and only under artificial conditions can dance the way it does in the video you’ve already seen.

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