An Audi station wagon, getting closer to becoming reality

Premium brands are those that are pulling the wagon lately when it comes to expanding the market to new segments. The case of BMW with the BMW X6 is a test of the success that can have these new releases, but in recent years, we can find models that have been a failure regarding the performance is expected to have on the market. The BMW 5 Series GT is the latest, but almost at the same we find the Mercedes R-Class.

This kind of premium minivan, which coexists SUV and sedan concepts of representation, has not convinced either in Europe or the U.S., which has even forced the brand to remove the model from the U.S. market for which it was market. However, it seems that Audi has not learned the lesson of Mercedes, or want to give a second chance on this subsegment, and has recently been known that they are seriously considering the possibility of launching a minivan.

The sales manager of Audi has dropped to the British magazine Autocar that we could see four rings MPV format in future years. This directive ensures that large traditional carriers are boring, but believe they can offer an interesting product joining Audi style minivan format with an inner capacity of seven seats. To get something that appeals to customers, want to offer a sporty touch which lacks the Mercedes R-Class.

To do this, have looked at one of the cars that best fit the definition of sports van, if such expression can be coined. We talked about the Ford S-Max, the stylish minivan that the blue oval launched six years ago and that was a big surprise for its aesthetics and livability, combining a moderately sporty image with an interior suitable for a family car. Audi aims to create a large van with a similar format, ie with a less heavy than a traditional minivan but with seven seats and a vented interior space.

The sales manager has just given more details of this model, but has sensed the approach we can imagine a sort of station wagon Audi A6 format, with a length to be around five meters and a few engines that combine gasoline engines and four diesel and six cylinders in a wide range of powers. The project could be the medium to long term, without a definite release date but, as the saying goes, if there is smoke without fire. If true, in the coming months we will know more details.

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