Alpina B7, BMW 7 Series 540 hp biturbo

A few days ago we saw the facelift it has received the BMW 7 Series, just three years after it appeared the last generation of the large saloon of representation of the Bavarian brand. After this change, the quasi-official trainer BMW, Alpina decided to present their particular facelift to the Alpina B7 based on BMW 750i. The changes are not deep but which model a volume manufacturer is involved, serves to cool the interesting aspect of this preparation.

The first thing you do is tamper with the engine, a must in these situations. Thus, the 4.4 V8 biturbo engine, which in the standard 750i delivers 408 hp, now offers 540 hp. An increase of 33 hp compared to 507 hp delivering the Alpina B7 which was released in 2009. In turn, the torque rises to 728 Nm, an increase of 30 Nm on the previous B7 and 128 Nm respect to 750i. Offered with a gearbox eight-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive as well with xDrive all-wheel drive.

In both cases the benefits have improved the Alpina B7 recorded it replaces. So the car now accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds (a tenth-wheel drive) and reaches a top speed of 312 km / h (310 km / h with AWD). With both types of traction can opt for standard or the elongated body, but the latter benefits were not disclosed. The rest of the chassis remains unchanged, with a sportier configuration than the BMW 750i series.

Along with this engine repowering, we are taking advantage of the new aesthetic touches facelift 7 Series, but not lose the essence with all Alpina. On the 750i, Alpina has added 30 new pieces spread over the front, the rear and sides (bumpers, skirts, spoiler, etc …). The set is complemented by 21-inch wheels. Inside we hardly changes except the addition of Alpine shield on the steering wheel and some other changes in lighting.

Whoever acquires the Alpina B7 left to the German coach all the management to purchase the BMW factory, ie, you have to go to the dealer of Alpina and the company responsible for moving the vehicle to your location to make the changes described above . The first units will begin shipping in Europe in two weeks, and the U.S. will come a few weeks later.

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