The Alfa Romeo Monoposto 8C-35 Type C of Tazio Nuvolari auction with record figures

alfa-romeo-8c-35-subasta-p-1 Tazio Nuvolari was one of the great drivers of the twentieth century. His career was always closely linked to Alfa Romeo – Alfa Corse both as Scuderia Ferrari – but also competed successfully for Auto Union, before the Second World War. In Goodwood Revival – another classic event we would happily go – has auctioned an Alfa Romeo Monoposto 8C-35 Type C with which competed in 1935, under the colors of Ferrari, Enzo fabricase before their own machines.

However, his greatest feat of the year – and one of the most memorable of his career – was beating the Auto Union Type B and an old Mercedes W25 Alfa Romeo P3 with several years behind … in the Grand Prix of Germany , raced at the Nurburgring. The Alfa Romeo Monoposto 8C-35 Type C before us today has become its own right in the most expensive Alfa Romeo in history ever auctioned.
Bonhams has sold on 14 September by the overwhelming amount of 9.4 million dollars. A 2300 Alfa Romeo 1933 Monza was auctioned in 2010 for $ 6.75 million, almost 30% less than the 8C-35. What’s special about this car racing? First, sweeping design, very typical of the era. Despite being a machine type “function over form” I can not help but admire her curves, or the way that the exhaust runs through his body.

The rear ends of aerodynamic shape, with abundant ventilation slots and the typical fuel tank cap. This aggressive car barely has auctioned restore, with the original colors of the Scuderia Ferrari. The soul of this machine was an eight-cylinder in-line, double overhead camshaft and supercharged by a supercharger.

From a displacement of 3.8 liters, developing 330 hp at 5,500 rpm, with maximum torque of 434 Nm. No figures seem spectacular, but bear in mind we were in 1935 and the car only weighed 746 kg unladen. His was manual gearbox, four unsynchronized relationships. Your brakes, drums. His replacement tried to use a V12 problematic, and turned the engine 8L Type C.
It is a machine that will be remembered as one of the best racing Alfa’s of last century, and that takes us back to a simpler time where courage was driving sometimes more important than the driving.

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