The Alfa Romeo 4C will come eventually to the United States in 2014

130305_AR_4C_01Alfa Romeo facing the beginning of a new commercial phase expected in the new sedan, an SUV, a new Spider … A new commercial stage has also put the spotlight on the marketing of the Italian firm in the United States. The Alfa Romeo 4C is the main weapon to face this new challenge for the brand … but its arrival is delayed now until 2014.

With the Fiat 500 making an excellent North American tour, running units and play a great role Abarth, Alfa Romeo should be facing the end of 2013 his landing in America. Now, as we have from Bloomberg, this launch will not occur until next year.

130305_AR_4C_04-dm-700pxAfter the coming-of Alfa Romeo 4C at the last Geneva Motor Show, and as final production model and accompanied by the controversy over a new optical LED, with a special launch edition with a price of 60,000 euros, the share of units assigned to America will have to wait yet, according to reports from Bloomberg, until the second quarter of 2014.

With an annual production of 2,500 units per year, with 1,000 units assigned to Europe, the Alfa Romeo 4C will be responsible for opening the way to an Alfa Romeo which is expected to come to market more units even Fiat. After the 4C is expected to substitute for Alfa Romeo 159, but above all, thinking in the U.S. market, a saloon above this, in the segment of the BMW 5 Series and an SUV, plus of course the Alfa Romeo Spider.

alfa-4c-fabrica-05-1024x682 (1)Facing the special edition release, with specific details and numbered, which has already announced a price of 60,000 euros, is expected in the United States on Alfa Romeo 4C (without Launch Edition) has a starting price of $ 54,000, to 40,000 euros change, having to deal with arguments as good as a very good power to weight ratio of 850 kg and 240 horsepower, a Porsche Cayman as a rival.

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