Alfa Romeo 12C: what if the Alfa Romeo 8C will leave a big brother?


There is little doubt about if we talk about the design of the Alfa Romeo 8C. One of these works of art on four wheels once in a while we let some firms. A sporty, at its heart, a classic design, elegant, a perfect Italian suit. A real dream come true for many of those we love, which we are passionate about cars and that takes us directly to a secondary road, driving in the sun around Tuscany.

But what does this Alfa Romeo will emerge an older brother? That is what has raised Ugur Sahim Design, presenting a curious adaptation under the name Alfa Romeo 12C. If the 8C and has a little brother, 4C, although at present it is conceptual, why not think of a big brother?

Alfa_Romeo_12c_4This Dutch design company has let his imagination offering us a glimpse of this spectacular Alfa Romeo. A design with all the touches of the brand, full of sinuous lines crossing the whole body, with special attention to the frame formed between the wheel arches and the front, with some optical leaving the oval design to leave us with a particular look torn.

Alfa_Romeo_12c_3Alfa_Romeo_12c_5Can you imagine this Alfa Romeo 12C with the hybrid engine of the future replacement for the Enzo? Well maybe not with that engine, but maybe with another and with any luck, someday we can see how this idea is reflected in reality and it goes to a garage, probably wealthy, lucky, is Alfa Romeo is thinking to take it to production? No, but the design studio responsible for shaping, Ugur Sahim Design, that investment would be looking to make it happen.


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