Alcohol and drugs decisive in traffic accident fatalities in 2011

Just entered this year came as usual to analyze the figures of road accidents in 2011, with more delay and as it requires a detailed study, the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Science (INT) facilitated us the details of the analysis that have passed through its dependencies. A devastating fact that conveniently refined then reveals that 45% of deceased drivers surveyed had consumed alcohol or other drugs.

There is undoubtedly a cause-effect relationship between alcohol and accidents, and as revealed by this study, also in direct deaths whether the death happened in the street or in a hospital. In total the sample was 969 cases that the authorities charged the INT, not all, but a good part of the nearly 1,500 recorded (figure also reflects the companions) in 2011 and many others by the system DGT posting not swelled the statistics recently provided us in the year 2012.

To give more importance to the study think that in this case most of the victims were drivers tested (710), so that the sample is large enough so that the results make us reconsider.

Statistical analysis of positive drivers and pedestrians
The age group most decedents had, with positive results in tests, during 2011 were between 21-30 years and 41-50 years, followed closely by those of 31-40 years. 187 cars and 85 driving a motorcycle, what proportion should show that the risk of a serious accident on a motorcycle after drinking alcohol or drugs is considerably higher. In addition 295 were males and only 21 women.

Of the positive. Alcohol was present in 72.78% of cases, drugs in 33.54% and other psychoactive drugs in 21.20%. In some cases there was a positive number of substances.

If you add up all the figures might not see out the accounts, which is that of 969 cases analyzed, 192 were pedestrians and only 67 passengers. And in the case of pedestrians who were in the street when they have an accident, the statistic is not very different from commuters because 42% of the deceased had been tested positive for alcohol and drug .

Conclusion. The number of fatalities associated with driving and alcohol / drugs is high enough so that the awareness in this regard proceed. The danger is even greater in the case of motorcyclists. And finally the pedestrian should bear in mind that the risk of an accident not only depends on the exercise of leadership, but also the risks that can be taken by circular areas frequented by drivers inappropriate or potentially posing an excess of psycho-toxic alcohol in blood.

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