A new life for the Ferrari 275 GTB4 Steve McQueen

Maranello has been received with open arms, no more and no less than forty-five years later, one of its favorite sons. This is the Ferrari 275 GTB4 that once manufactured for a famous star, Steve McQueen, who had the opportunity to receive their precious cavallino in San Francisco at such an opportune moment as the filming of Bullitt, one of our favorite movies for having the which for many is the best chase in movie history.

The oddest thing about this Ferrari 275 GTB4 beyond its illustrious original owner, is that during these four and a half decades has been transformed from a coupé to be transformed into a convertible, to once again regain its original state thanks to Maranello classics department. A tedious and laborious process that probably worthwhile if you consider how valuable are the historical Ferrari sports, especially if at the time belonged to Steve McQueen. To show we have the Ferrari 250 GTO built for Stirling Moss, who for 28 million euros at auction became the most expensive car ever sold.

The Ferrari 275 was born in the 60’s, just to happen to the old 250. Under the hood a twelve-cylinder engine in 60 ° vee formed and about 300 hp. This model introduced the architecture of integrated gearbox in the rear. The evolution of this model in 1966 was specifically GTB4 of our history, now with a revised engine with six carburetors and capable of exceeding 266 km / h.

In recent years Ferrari has been working to certify the origins of this unit so special and find that in effect was the same as Steve McQueen was in San Francisco. During the 80’s a new owner committed the heresy of turning it into a convertible, but after a hard work of the operators of Maranello has again been restored to its original state (coupe) following the specifications of this model in the 60’s.

According to Ferrari in recent years have managed to certify the authenticity and origins of over 3,300 cavallinos, what better way than this to preserve the historical legacy of a brand as legendary as Ferrari?

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