5 Essentials that Every New Parent Should Stockpile Before Baby Arrives

New parents, or first-time parents, are often concerned with what to get their baby. But every parent needs a stockpile, for starters. Here are essential items that new parents should definitely get plenty of before the baby arrives.

You Can Never Have Enough Diapers, Wipes, and Rash Cream

Newborn diapers are a must, of course, but keep in mind that kids grow SUPER quick. Size ones and size twos should be the bulk of your diaper stockpiles, at least for the first few months. You should also include sensitive, scent-free wipes and lots of diaper creams, because rashes come with the territory.

Breast Milk or Formula: Stockpile Your Gear

If you plan to breastfeed, stockpile good pumps, attachments, breastmilk bags, breast pads for your bras, and bottles for pump hours. The same goes for formula-fed babies. Stockpile bottles, lots of sensitive formulas of your brand choice, and burp cloths. Keep the receipts for whatever you buy—just in case you need to exchange one formula brand for another.

Warm Blankets, Wraps, and Baby Towels

When your baby is born, he or she has very little control of their body temperature. This means it’s up to you to keep them warm, comfortable, and safe. Warm blankets and wraps are must-haves, because these items can mimic the coziness of the womb and make baby feel protected. You should also invest in plenty of soft baby towels with hoods for after baths.

Body Wash, Shampoo, and Lotion for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Babies have SUPER sensitive skin, so get lotions, body washes, and shampoos that cater to these skin types. Study the ingredients, and make sure the washes are as all-natural as possible. Avoid putting additives onto your baby’s skin, as these ingredients could be harmful chemicals that damage skin cells.

Invest in Clothes of All Sizes, Because Babies Grow FAST

As aforementioned, babies grow extremely fast, especially in the first two years. Sometimes, if you have a big baby, they can immediately wear the 3-month clothes and entirely skip the newborn onesies. Prepare for all possibilities with stockpiles of clothes in every size, from newborn to 2T. Keep them in bags in your closet until the right time, and switch out the ones in baby’s dresser drawers as baby grows.

Babies are little, fast-growing blessings, and they require a fair amount of essentials, like diapers, wipes, clothes, and washes for their sensitive skin. With this mind, take the time to prepare and create little stockpiles of the things you know you’ll need for when your babe arrives. Side note: For outside of the home, think automotive essentials, like a great car seat, or an automated car parking system that makes it easier for you to pay attention to the road AND the baby at the same time.

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