2015 Subaru WRX STI: some things never change, or should change

2015-Subaru-WRX-STI-front-three-quarter-static-dm-700px-1After meeting Subaru WRX 2014 and just left us to contemplate the face of the most powerful , and passionate sport for the more nostalgic version , which bear the historical weight Emblem Subaru Tecnica International , Subaru WRX STI . The 2013 Detroit show us first renewal of a classic that will go , as one would expect , prom gown , with blue body and gold rims . Sure Petter Solberg , Colin McRae and Richard Burns had given its approval.

Among the most characteristic details of the Subaru WRX STI 2014 should also mention the presence of a giant wing and slightly widened roads , since out of doors the differences between the familiar Subaru WRX 2014 and the STI are reduced to this and little more than some details. The rear spoiler and the rear overhang is still the reason for so many years we missed the Impreza four-door , you definitely came to complement the latest generation compact we met in Spain .

2015-Subaru-WRX-STI-side-in-motion-02-dm-700pxToday, the WRX STI is a brand in itself , completely oblivious to seal Impreza.

It remains to confirm the engine that will move you back to the past and make us feel like a rally driver on a machine that conception is still very unique and original. Some things never change and probably should never change. So the Subaru WRX STI will continue to maintain a four-cylinder faced a boxer that remain to be seen whether the 2.0-liter WRX or 2,457 cm3 block used to date.

His power will be around 300 hp and as usual will be associated with all-wheel drive system, the famous Subaru Symmetrical AWD.

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