Mazda MX-5 Yusho: a new special edition of 241 hp thanks to a compressor

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Mercedes SLS AMG GT 2013: 591 horses and dynamic improvements for the “gullwing”

The Mercedes SLS is renewed and the name GT done by adding your name to face 2013 with the same size as always elegant. The same size but new dynamic changes. The More »

Three Ways To Make Your Automotive Company More Successful

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Three Simple Ways To Optimize Your Fire Department’s Efficacy

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Mercedes-Benz 500K return home after nearly 70 years

Sometimes, in the History of the Automobile, are injustices that come from far behind, as happened to the founder of Renault. This time we have to go back to the burgeoning Nazi More »

Volkswagen Scirocco GTS, back to those wonderful years

Those who looked beyond the 80 cars with the eagerness of one who still can not legally drive, the Volkswagen Scirocco, 1982 GTS sports car that we thought was cool when that More »

First approach to the Renault Clio RS 2013: Completely redesigned and turbo

The new generation of Renault Clio is very close to making an appearance. The Paris Motor Show 2012 will be its official coming-out, but perhaps a little earlier, around the end of More »

Inden Design gives a shot of steroids to the Mercedes SLS AMG

The flow of preparations for the Mercedes SLS AMG is unlikely to stop, and the last to jump on the bandwagon is Inden Design, which now presents its proposal. This is a More »

Get an Estimate Before Paying for Car Repairs

While you have no control over accidents or the amount of damage that another driver might do to your vehicle, you do have control over how much it costs to repair your More »

Get Auto transporters

You may find yourself in a situation where you bought a car from a seller who lives far away from you. You do not want to drive the car back to your More »

Artega GT: What happened to this promising features sporty Ferrari and Porsche?

artega-gt-02-dm-700pxI still remember the first time I met the existence of the Artega GT. I had just presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the best display for a model that was born with the hope of adding freshness in the sports segment. Your Porsche front and rear very very Ferrari invited to dream of a marina located in no man’s land. Henrik Fisker contributed to its design. The Artega GT was light, the central six-cylinder engine and 300 hp near powerful enough for a sports coupe would be called to compete with the 911 and the criticism of those who could prove really promising for a newcomer.

But it seems that Klaus Dieter Frers, founder of Artega Automobil GmbH & Co. KG, had chosen the worst time to embark on a project of this magnitude, the start of the Great Recession of the XXI Century. Since its inception Artega had seen the electric sports model as one of the keys to project medium and long term. Was invested to develop a prototype electric and this would be in 2011 at a very advanced stage of development. But while his rivals as Tesla Motors, triumphed, all efforts were in vain to save this brand since September ceased production of its only model to date, the GT.

We said that the Artega GT had garnered rave reviews, first in his presentation and later with the first tests that come with the start of production in Delbrück (Germany). Artega had bet on a sports fairly light, about 1,100 kilograms, 3,597 cm3 engine and six-cylinder Volkswagen origin. We also opted for a Volkswagen DSG transmission with about 300 hp achieved in less than 5 seconds reached the 100 km / h from standstill. Speeding was significantly faster than a Porsche Cayman S at the time (and also that the current 325 hp).

Weineck Cobra, 1,200 hp classical body

If we talk about the AC Cobra, surely we are referring to one of the most emblematic and iconic sport of automotive history. Originally born in Britain, his legend grew thanks to Shelby, who had the vision to assemble a large displacement American engine in the lightweight two-seater. Specifically, a Ford V8 engine source. The Shelby Cobra were small animals with a performance very high, making their own right in a single species to match.

But the original concept and the subsequent idea of Shelby was still beyond the hands of countless preparations or replications, and even today remains a recurrent pattern. Weineck is one of these specialists, dedicated to making replicas in Germany by artisans of the most exclusive and powerful, based on the original Shelby Cobra. To his credit include units like this that we present here, with a huge V8 engine of 12.9 liters and 1,200 hp.

To Think About Automotive Franchises

Are you someone that has spent their whole life dreaming of coming up with a great idea and making your living selling it and being your own boss? Maybe that lightbulb moment never came. That doesn’t change the fact that you don’t want to answer to anybody while you are at work. There is a way that you can own a business without having to come up with an entirely new product. Owning a franchise is a great way to do this.

Franchise opportunities are usually found in retail opportunities. Fast food restaurants are commonly franchised. There are also a lot of automotive franchises. Companies like Meineke come to mind in this instance. Here are 3 reasons that any aspiring entrepreneur should consider owning a franchise for their next business venture.

1. Backing – The company that owns the franchise wants to see it succeed just as much as the new owner does. This is why they will provide the franchise owner with all of the resources that they need when it comes to training new employees all the way to marketing. When you own a franchise you get a huge headstart when it comes to getting the business off of the ground. Most of the work has already been done for you. You can take advantage of the highly developed protocol that the company has already developed that has proven success.

2. Branding – This is probably the ideal reason that someone should but into a franchise opportunity. The product or service that they are selling is already a proven brand that has worked in multiple markets. This means that the public will trust more quickly than another kind of small business that is completely new. Branding is the most important aspect of developing an effective marketing plan.

3. Real Estate – The company that is selling franchise opportunities check the trends and information that they have. They know what kind of location that their business is going to have the most success in. New owners will benefit from the guidance that they receive when choosing a location.

As you can see, when you are a franchisee, you have someone in your corner that has your back as you try to develop your business and take it to the next level. Starting your own business can be a very daunting task. Why not purchase a franchise to reduce some of the risks?

A Quick Guide to Buying Parts for Your Harley Davidson

If you’re a motorcycle rider, you know how tempting new parts can be. From a new exhaust systems to a Harley Davidson voltage regulator, buying parts to amp up your bike is hard to resist. When purchasing new parts, however, be judicious. Do your research. And make sure that your new parts are suited to your bike. Here are a few tips for buying parts.

Old Bike or New?

If you have an older bike, you’ll have a harder time finding parts. The parts you do find might come with a high price tag. If you’re hoping to renovate an older model, be prepared to do research and search for the best parts. You may end up spending a bit more on parts, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you restored your bike by yourself.

Rebuild or Customize?

If you’re restoring a bike, there are two options to choose from. You could restore the bike to its original specifications. This requires you to research your model, hunt down the original parts, and reassemble the bike to its original condition. If you want to get creative, however, you could customize your bike. This means that you’ll use parts not found in the original bike and alter the original design. When adding your own special touches, however, you’ll need to work hard to ensure that the bike is still properly aligned and ready to ride.

Research Tools

The best tool in any motorcycle enthusiast’s arsenal is the bike’s rip-down manual. This will have a complete list of all the parts in the bike. Don’t touch your bike until you’ve got your manual in hand. It’s an invaluable source of information and can prevent mechanical mishaps.

Once you have your manual, make a list of all the parts you’ll need to complete your restoration project. Make sure to replace old parts that take a lot of strain, such as bolts. If you’ve chosen to customize your bike, do the calculations necessary to ensure that your new additions won’t compromise the integrity of the bike structure. Finalize your shopping list.

Once you’ve got your shopping list, it’s time to buy. Online retailers have a wide variety of motorcycle parts to choose from. Start your search now!

Customizing car with body kit

bodykitIt’s getting more and more pop for citizenry to spend money to customize their automobiles. One of the best modes to customize your car is to add up a body kit. Before you buy a good body kit there are some things you require to conceive. There are 3 significant decisions you will require to create when shopping for a body kit. You must decide the character of body kit that you desire, the kit’s character, and what stuffs it’s made out of.

The first thing to recognize while shopping for a body kit is that there are 3 cases: bumper replacement, lip, and wide body. The difference is in your individual taste and what you will imagine will appear most well on your car. One time you have selected a type from body kit you must decide between whole of the dissimilar models inside that character of body kit.

The MPS version of the Mazda 6 could be under consideration along with new variants

On the occasion of the Moscow Motor Show, which opened on the 29th, we introduced the new Mazda Mazda 6. The Hiroshima sedan is completely renewed. Aesthetics, mechanical, chassis … a major renovation that includes the addition of Skyactiv technology becoming the second model in Europe in porting this technology.

Following the debut of the new Mazda 6 rumors have resisted not start targeting new versions of this model. Auto Express, since the launch of the Mazda 6 in Moscow spoke with Hiroshi Kajiyama, program manager of the Mazda 6 and who pointed to a more performance variant.

Mercedes Class A presentation and test in Slovenia – Design and sportiness: the keys to the new Mercedes compact

The new A Class is the most evident sign that something is happening at Mercedes-Benz, a brand that has bet to rejuvenate its clients enhancing their presence in the compact segment with the launch, first, a genuine five-door compact car, later a small “coupe” four doors and officially confirm that there is a new compact SUV the GLK and very focused on the city and the road. We know also the price of Mercedes A-Class five-door, a model that will not currently bodywork of three doors or convertible.

We’ve been talking for some time the Mercedes Class A and represents a qualitative leap over its predecessor, introducing a new segment and radically changing philosophy to bet on an idea that better respects the spirit of the brand. Far from advertising slogans and marketing slogans, anyone who steps into the new Class A check that this is a completely different vehicle, nothing to do with the model that is still marketed until a few months.

Get Clear Vision with Lasik Surgery

No one wants to have some problems with their eyes. Everyone wants to have normal and clear vision so they can do all their activities freely without any boundary. Without any vision problem you can also apply for several jobs that require the normal and healthy vision for the job. However, not everyone is gifted with normal and healthy vision. Some people were born with genetic eye problem such as astigmatism and some other have problems like nearsighted or farsighted. Wearing glasses or contact lenses is annoying. Lasik surgery can become a good solution for your eye problem.

Lasik surgery is an easy, efficient, and fast procedure to fix some problems your vision. Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted or even astigmatism, you can fix it with lasik surgery. This procedure is not cheap of course, but in Lasik Boston you can consult the cost of the surgery with them so you will get convenience price for your surgery. Boston Laser is one of the best place to have lasik surgery in Boston. They also work with some eye specialists in Boston that have been worked with eye surgery for years.

Best Web Hosting Provider

What is the best web hosting of value added services offered and provided by them? These properties make the service more ideal.

Domain Name, you can choose to buy a domain name for the best website hosting provider Web sites. These companies offer to register for your domain name under the name of the course. This provision must be clearly identified, and the service provider. Otherwise, you can the company FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) control. If the information is not given, ask the manufacturer. Be warned, if you can register your domain name as the other, the secure online site that has a problem with it. If you finally understood it may be too late, because there may be difficulties in switching to a higher level or a new web hosting provider for the future. If your goal is revenge on the host is unlikely, it may be necessary, the UDRP or Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, which will cost probably more than the sum of the cost of web hosting and domain name registration submitted.

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