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Mercedes-Benz S Aesthetics: these are the lines of future S Class

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S

Mercedes shows us the first details of the future Class S. It does so in a week’s premieres. A week in which the new Golf will know in a few hours, which will also see the Audi RS5 Cabrio, all data on the new Range Rover and also possibly the new Ford Mondeo. Mercedes now leaves us with a brief overview of the next Mercedes S-Class

With the name of Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S German firm presents through an artistic design baselines of the next generation Mercedes S-Class Vaguely lines that allow us to begin to imagine, with a lot of imagination, as may be the next flagship Mercedes.

Volkswagen Cross Caddy, the jacket becomes van

Volkswagen Cross Caddy

Volkswagen account today with a new member in your family “Cross”, composed of the Cross Polo, Cross Golf (based on the Golf Plus) and Cross Touran. We could even consider the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack as a member of this family, despite not having the title Cross. Anyway, the news is that from the beginning of next year we will purchase the new Volkswagen Caddy Cross. A more seasoned version looks and off-road passenger compact van.

The differences begin with a visual level protection for low and housing, as it is assumed that this can make excursions vehicle off-road. The skirts have additional protection bars and wheel arches are covered with dark plastic more impact resistant than painting naked. A badge with the inscription “Cross Caddy” and as flashy paint shades such as lime green (Viper Green) images put the final icing.

Ford C-MAX Energi Solar Concept. The solar car, is the finger to energy or utopia?

ford-c-max-solar-energi-concept-05-dm-700pxFord presents his alternative approach that utopian future – undoubtedly because this is still a great utopia – where we can do without energy , forget to stop by the gas and electricity bills in the case of electric and hybrid plug . Imagine how happy we would be if we could continuously drive while the batteries that power the engine of our cars are recharged by the sun, which so far only served us for a tan left arm.

The Ford C -MAX Energi Solar Concept is a prototype that tries to explore the potential of plug-in hybrid with solar panel, capable of recharging its limited lithium ion batteries with inexhaustible energy panels – depending on time and weather – the sun. And here’s the first problem of utopian solar car, the availability of sunlight, for which Ford would have kept the heat engine , gasoline , the C -MAX Energi . Consider that in electric mode could go about 33 miles , after which we would need to use a new electric charging or fuel tank.

The “amplified” Audi A1 its sportiness with the range amplified


If you want a truly sporty Audi A1 you just have to make with an Audi Quattro A1. But I know it’s not easy being one of the lucky 333 will be done with one of them, nor pay € 53,600 in a very sporty car that it continues to be a very limited utility for its size. Knowing this, Audi has decided to launch a sports edition, and unlimited, called amplified.

The new Audi A1 Audi A1 Sportback amplified and amplified available themed interior and exterior decoration in two colors Misano Red and Glacier White, associated with the Ambition line finishes and any engine fit. To emphasize sportsmanship has resorted to unique items and exclusive Audi Quattro GmbH and Audi Genuine Accessories. We can “amplify” the sportiness of our Audi A1 at three levels (basic, plus and advanced), depending on whether we pay € 1,990, € 3,990 and € 6,990 (depending on prices in Germany) in details that do not add much except an aesthetic . The third level is not available for engines below 120 hp.

Tip-heeled for Porsche 911 auto manuals with Sport Chrono Pack


What is the tip-heeled? This is a move that runs with the brake and accelerator of a car with manual transmission in sporty driving. While braking and downshifts given a heel to the accelerator for the clutch can not hold us back and out of that curve as quickly as possible, without interference dynamics. So far, only the Nissan 370Z was an automatic spike-heeled, overlooking a small sprint automatic to downshift.

The SynchroRev Control worked great, and the truth is that it seemed strange that no other car I implementase. Today it is difficult to innovate in manual gearboxes. Porsche has done with its seven relations manual, which you can now attach an identical system if the option is mounted Sport Chrono Pack. The system works automatically in Sport Plus mode, in Sport and Normal modes have to do it manually … if you know.

Range Rover 2013: all the details

Range Rover 2013

The new Range Rover is already one step closer to our streets. It has been submitted after the dropper brand give us a few weeks ago, the first images and data model. Now, we know in detail the new Range Rover, including its price and of course their engines.

Mechanically leave a 258 hp V6. There will also be an engine of 510 horses will be also available and even a hybrid version. Arrives sporting a major diet to 420 kg, with all that this implies in consumption, emissions and dynamic course. The new 2013 Range Rover comes with a starting price of 98,500 euros.

Mitsubishi Australia complains that its range is expensive and outdated, does the statement is true or exaggerated?

Mitsubishi Outlander

A friend you could say I do not understand that a brand vehicles continue selling a range even with dated and very expensive. For my responsibility, probably could not tell from this medium, and if I did have to rely on being right and provide sufficient reasons avalasen such opinion. So I find it surprising that the less responsible for Mitsubishi in Australia has declared that he does not understand why people buy their vehicles if “are outdated and the prices too high.” Anyway, what according to the Spanish proverb could be defined as “out of the pot feet” make a statement inopportune given its position.

The Australian vehicle range is similar to that of our country, with the difference that there have specific models that are not sold in Europe. Mitsubishi began import into Spain in 1986 and was as brand (with a majority of Mitsubishi Motors) in 1992. Throughout these years, like all brands, has experienced ups and downs. But at this point I ask myself the following questions regarding the brand in our country, has a range Mitsubishi outdated? What awaits you in the near future?

The Audi RS4 is priceless for Spain and what alternatives on the market?


Presented under the title “a sport for the day to day” Audi has left us today with the price of the Audi RS4 for our market. The performance based version of the A4 comes to our market after its presentation to the middle of last February. It comes with the hallmark feature, mark the house, wear a full body and Avant and the A4 range.

This family, which seems not to have 4-door version, comes as an example of union between performance, sportiness with a good deal of space for day to day and an image, logos aside, would go unnoticed for many foreign the motor world. The Audi RS4 Avant comes with a price of 85,800 euros for Spain.

ABT QS3, now with ratings up to 270 hp


We have tried to ABT QS3 in Automotive Stage, this is the preparation of ABT on the Audi Q3. Its aggressive appearance is conditioned by a body kit that makes it seem the little beast compact SUV much sportier and faster. ABT was accompanied by a performance kit for TDI and TFSI engines, and now announces new options for empowerment that come from the hand of images taken of the model in reality, rather than the computer renderings we saw.

The first engine is the 2.0 TDI boostable 140 hp, which already has a standard torque similar to a naturally aspirated V6 gasoline. With the ABT chip Power power power increases up to 170 hp and torque grows to a healthy 370 Nm. ABT does not forget the 170 hp 2.0 TDI, whose power grows to 205 hp and torque beyond 400 Nm. The petrol engines are also outside the chute extra power, specifically the 2.0 TFSI.

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