Get an Estimate Before Paying for Car Repairs

While you have no control over accidents or the amount of damage that another driver might do to your vehicle, you do have control over how much it costs to repair your More »

Get Auto transporters

You may find yourself in a situation where you bought a car from a seller who lives far away from you. You do not want to drive the car back to your More »


A Ferrari 250 GTO becomes most expensive car in the world

In just four months have been auctioned two Ferrari 250 GTO which sold for stratospheric numbers, the first since I’ve shown, the second a few days ago. This second Ferrari 250 GTO More »


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Mercedes SLS AMG GT 2013: 591 horses and dynamic improvements for the “gullwing”

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Mercedes-Benz 500K return home after nearly 70 years

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Volkswagen Scirocco GTS, back to those wonderful years

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Lexus IS F CCS-R, directly to Pikes Peak


The Japanese automaker Lexus has announced it will compete in July at the legendary climb to Pikes Peak, which this year celebrates its ninetieth edition. Lexus used to do a modified version of the Lexus IS-F Lexus IS F called CCS-R.

The Lexus IS F CCS-R benefits from a number of changes that improve performance and make you lose on the road 314 pounds, with respect to the IS-F standard. The blame for this thinning, leaving the total weight of 1,400 kilograms, have a carbon fiber body and polycarbonate windows, among other things.

Under the hood lies the same 5.0-liter V8 version with 423 standard horsepower at 6,600 rpm and maximum torque of 505 Nm. The Japanese V8 combined with a transmission Sport Direct Shift eight-speed paddle shifters that equips behind the wheel.

Get an Estimate Before Paying for Car Repairs

While you have no control over accidents or the amount of damage that another driver might do to your vehicle, you do have control over how much it costs to repair your vehicle. Many people simply go to the shop their insurers recommend, pay the deductible and wait for the mechanics and body technicians to make the necessary repairs. If you want to avoid going through your insurance, which will raise your rates, you can pay for those repairs yourself. Getting an estimate gives you an idea of how much the job will cost.

Choosing a Mechanic

Choosing a mechanic is sometimes hard, especially if you never had auto work done in the past. There are two great ways you can find a mechanic you can trust. Ask your friends, family, coworkers and even neighbors about which shops they trust and which they would recommend. You can even ask them about how much they paid for their repairs. You can also find trustworthy auto mechanics and body shops online. Look at review sites that let customers post their own reviews. Those reviews will tell you whether the mechanic was honest, if the shop changed its price later or if customers were completely satisfied.

Negotiating for a Better Price

The estimate you receive is not the final price that you will pay. Mechanics use vehicle inspection software to create an estimate. This software lets them input the make and model of your car and the repair you need to get an idea of how much parts and labor will cost. Never take the first estimate that you get though. You can always negotiate for a better price. Ask about discounts for paying in cash, choosing used parts over new parts or if there are any coupons available that will drop the price.

Paying for Repairs

Though you are the one responsible for paying your repair bill, many shops can help you out. Instead of paying for the total cost upfront, you can put down a deposit before work starts and pay off the balance before picking it up. Other shops will work out payment plans with you that let you may multiple payments to pay off that balance. Always ask if the shop charges a fee for storing your car until you pay off the repair. Getting an estimate is just one step in repairing your car after an accident.

Get Auto transporters

You may find yourself in a situation where you bought a car from a seller who lives far away from you. You do not want to drive the car back to your home because you do not want to put a lot of miles on it. So what should you do? Fortunately, there are companies that will be able to help you. They specialize in transporting vehicles over long distances. They use either a covered trailer or an open car carrier. Having your car transported in this manner will ensure it gets to your house in perfect condition. However, there are many companies like this out there. How can you tell which companies are the best? Here is how you can go about hiring a company to transport your car.

1. How big is the vehicle?

You will first need to get all of the size and weight information for the vehicle. Auto transporters will need to know all of these things so they will be able to give you an accurate quote regarding how much the transport of your vehicle is going to cost. Make sure that the info you give to the company is accurate. Otherwise, you may be confronted with a higher bill than you originally anticipated when your vehicle arrives at your home.

2. Do you have any special requirements?

You can customize the transportation of your vehicle according to your exact specifications. For example, you might want your vehicle to be transported by itself. You may also want it to be shipped to you in a cooled trailer. These requests can be honored by certain companies. However, the price you will have to pay will go up. Think about any special considerations you need the transportation company to make so you can find out if they can help you with them.

3. Find a reputable company

You should try very hard to locate a company that has been transporting automobiles for many years. You need to be sure that your car will arrive in the same condition that it was in when it left the seller’s ho

You can then start contacting all of the various auto transport companies that operate in the area where the seller lives. Find out how they calculate their rate. Do they charge by the mile? These companies use methods of determining their fees that are quite different from each other.

Manual Gearbox for the BMW M6


In mid February this year we told you about the new BMW M6 here, a beast with 560 hp thanks to its TwinPower Turbo V8 engine of 4,400 cc, which accelerates to 100 km / h in just 4.2 seconds (in Coupé version).

As in the BMW M5, BMW M6 gearbox mounts an automatic double-clutch seven relations. However, as some rumors suggest, it may later also provide a manual gearbox with six gears.

The reason is that, curiously, in the European market the new automatic transmissions are being very well received, yet the United States, a significant number of potential buyers who are demanding that sporty BMW models can mount a manual gearbox.

By the time the information is not even confirmed, but it is expected that this development, which in principle would only United States, is available in late 2013 or early 2014.

Ferrari F70: new images of the successor to the Enzo, now with less camouflage


Here before us the Ferrari F70, Enzo’s successor, though, still camouflaged, but with an important incentive this time: it seems that Ferrari have decided to let us see your silhouette without additives that modify, allegedly modeled line or almost identical to what we see in a few months. There is still some camouflage by removing the skin of the Cavallino, but we’re one step closer to knowing.

A half-naked makes us closer to seeing what will be the Ferrari F70, if that’s the name finally, as indeed all the tracks seem to take for granted. Surprised Maranello rolling around, we just take a little imagination and be content with the rumors that there are up to date on possible technical features to be mentally and could be anticipating the next Ferrari.

Its front is still resisting, but we can already see the line of his back and especially its profile through the two photos posted on FerrariChat one hand of a friend who was forero around Maranello. We would have been delighted that they were a few more, but certainly a good snack to wait in comfort until his arrival.

Citroën C4 Aircross 1.8 HDi 150 CV Exclusive 4WD touchdown Segovia: the French SUV Japanese DNA


Ending last week attended the national launch of the Citroën DS5 Hybrid4 to mark the start of sales this month. The DS5 hybrid version, which my colleague David was able to test in Nice perfectly combines innovative design with an equally evolved mechanical joining a 163 hp diesel engine with an electric motor of 37 horsepower, giving it a capacity of 4-wheel drive, plus the ability to move in electric mode or have the support of the rear axle for sportier driving.

But besides the DS5 Hybrid4 test proves that you can read in Tecmovia, Citroën offered us several units of the new Citroën C4 Aircross, both with 4-wheel drive as 4 × 2, for a brief touchdown of just over 100 miles that has helped us to meet the new Citroën SUV in a first approximation.

Week of releases announced: new Golf, Audi RS5 Cabrio and … the new Ford Mondeo?


Starts in September, a new week and we have done a good news, the arrival of the Peugeot 208 GTi, with 200 horses to 1160 kg, but this week has only just begun and we can be preparing for a few novelties special importance has made official its debut in the coming days.

The Paris Motor Show is just a few weeks of opening its doors, it will remember that next September 27 loaded with new features, and it shows in the number of new models and rumors that we are known for these days. This week in particular we know that we will know the new Volkswagen Golf, the Audi RS5 Cabrio and also new in the hands of Ford that has not been revealed, but it looks like it will be the new Ford Mondeo.

New three-cylinder engine 1.2 i 82CV for the Citroën C3 and DS3


The widespread downsizing is happening in the automotive landscape in recent years, independent of the category and the price of the car is significantly impacting the gas utility segment, at least in the European market. The lace has put the Fiat Punto 2012, which features a 85 hp two-cylinder engine, but other European manufacturers have been unwilling general falling behind and have released three-cylinder engines very efficient.

Just last week presented the new Renault generation of Renault Clio, which will mount a 0.9-liter three-cylinder engine and 90 hp, and a few months ago, Peugeot announced a 1.2-propellant, three-cylinder that delivers 82 hp for the Peugeot 208. The PSA has now decided to extend the presence of this block to two Citroën models located in the same segment 208. This is the Citroën C3 and brother chic Citroën DS3, which from now will have a small gasoline engine power more efficiently than currently available.

Volkswagen Caravelle Business, executive transport van format


When we think of the company car of a senior, always come to mind German representation type saloon Audi A8 and Mercedes S-Class, though not surprising to find Jaguar XJ and Lexus LS, among others. However, recently we proposed commercial vehicle manufacturers for these customers through the adaptation of one of their vans conventional vehicle to a more refined, yet comfortable seriously.

Mercedes takes the cake with localized versions of the Mercedes Sprinter, but Volkswagen does not want to be left behind with his Volkswagen T5, which already offered in many variations and formats. For variant Caravelle just presented an adaptation to use executive, named Volkswagen Caravelle Business. Out and makes it clear that this is a special variant of the Caravelle, as it is painted in black, has tinted windows and features a beautiful 17-inch wheels.

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