Inden Design gives a shot of steroids to the Mercedes SLS AMG

The flow of preparations for the Mercedes SLS AMG is unlikely to stop, and the last to jump on the bandwagon is Inden Design, which now presents its proposal. This is a More »

Get an Estimate Before Paying for Car Repairs

While you have no control over accidents or the amount of damage that another driver might do to your vehicle, you do have control over how much it costs to repair your More »

Get Auto transporters

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A Ferrari 250 GTO becomes most expensive car in the world

In just four months have been auctioned two Ferrari 250 GTO which sold for stratospheric numbers, the first since I’ve shown, the second a few days ago. This second Ferrari 250 GTO More »


Alfa Romeo 12C: what if the Alfa Romeo 8C will leave a big brother?

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Mazda MX-5 Yusho: a new special edition of 241 hp thanks to a compressor

After seeing the destruction of two Mazda MX-5 of the first generation with a replica of a Ferrari 250 GTO and a BMW Z3, turn left to suffer with a new edition More »


Mercedes SLS AMG GT 2013: 591 horses and dynamic improvements for the “gullwing”

The Mercedes SLS is renewed and the name GT done by adding your name to face 2013 with the same size as always elegant. The same size but new dynamic changes. The More »

Three Ways To Make Your Automotive Company More Successful

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Mercedes-Benz 500K return home after nearly 70 years

Sometimes, in the History of the Automobile, are injustices that come from far behind, as happened to the founder of Renault. This time we have to go back to the burgeoning Nazi More »

I Got a New Job

Of course I was not really looking for the type of job where you sit behind a desk for eight hours per day. Instead I was sort of looking for a job where you had girls in bikinis laying in the sun. That was not exactly what I found, but it is not that far off from it. Mostly I wanted to be out in the sun myself, although I was not looking for a ditch digging job. I got a job at a marina. They do all sorts of things they have used sailboats for sale along with jetskis and motorboats. Of course I know a good bit about outboard motors and that is what I am doing when there is work to do, but there is not enough of that to keep me busy. So I do all sorts of things, in fact they have me selling stuff already.

These are the plans for 2013 Volkswagen in America: Beetle convertible comes Hybrid and Jetta


Volkswagen has presented his plans for next year, the list of the models marketed in the U.S. during 2013, in some cases apply to this side of the Atlantic and between the new models that we are there we will see diesel representation of the hand the Jetta and new Beetle.

But besides the gradual progress of diesel in the U.S., of course, to levels still minority, but more and more remarkable, Volkswagen has confirmed the arrival of the new Beetle cabriolet with bodywork made that we should share with the Americans and also find here the Volkswagen Beetle cabrio next year.

How to Make Money from Your Hobby

If you’re someone who regularly pursues new hobbies, then you might eventually run into the problem of what to do with all of your old hobby materials when you suddenly shift gears again. As it turns out, there are plenty of opportunities for hobbyists to make money from their old hobbies, regardless of whatever they may be. This is especially relevant with the holidays coming up, as a little extra money can help you buy the perfect gift for that special someone, or maybe you can even put that money towards your next big hobby. Regardless of what you aim to do with your new influx of cash, here’s a few simple tips on how anyone can make money from their hobby.

Look for Sellers

Thanks to the Internet, you can find someone to buy the results of virtually any hobby that you can think of. If you’re a crafter, then you can put your creative efforts online for others to look at and possibly purchase. If, on the other hand, you’re a collector, then finding a buyer might be a little more difficult. Still, there are plenty of people out there who are interested in buying a variety of collectible items. For instance, classic Ferrari buyers like Gullwing Motor Cars will pay you for your classic vehicle, or will even pay you a “finder’s fee” for details on someone else who can potentially make a sale.

Promote Yourself Online

Instead of seeking out buyers, you might want to instead let them come to you. In that case, you’ll need to most likely turn to social media. By posting the results of your hobby online, you can attract a following of interested people, who might then make direct offers to purchase your craft. If your posts start going viral, then you’ll see a dramatic increase in purchasing offers, which will then allow you to expand your hobby and perhaps even transform it into a business. Similarly, if you have a large collection of items, posting pictures of them online might entice interested buyers into making an offer.

Regardless of how you seek to make money from your hobby, it’s important to take pride in your collection or creative efforts. Finding something that you’re passionate about is great and should be celebrated, so just make sure that you don’t lose sight of that in pursuit of making money from your hobby.

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake: rumors are that there will be wagon version of the CLA


It seems that Mercedes may be working on developing a family version of the prototype derivative Style Concept Coupé. If we all hope that this concept car way to a saloon coupes dyes in brief accompanying the new Mercedes Class A under the name of CLA now rumored also could meet with a proposed station wagon derived from this prototype: a CLA Shooting Brake.

After meeting only a few days ago the new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, which had been camouflaged and rolling over and over again, seems that it is possible that within a couple of years we know also the younger brother of the CLS family to be located in the range within the family of Class A.

New data on the successor to the McLaren F1: 1,000 horses that arrive at the Paris Motor Show


The successor to the McLaren F1 and Ferrari Enzo successor have already started a fight well before the start of marketing. Both English and Italian data have been leaving for months dropper. Data on possible mechanical design leaks, spy photos … and now, new data raise the McLaren again today as we continue to await their arrival.

New data that point to your arrival at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, but also point to a private launch event in August during the celebration of Pebble Beach and leave us with more information about its mechanics, again pointing to a system of KERS would leave us with a figure of 1,000 horsepower. Nice match awaits us among the McLaren and the Ferrari F70, if finally is named.

Protect Your Dealership

As an auto dealer, you have a major investment when it comes to the cars that are lined up on your lot. Whether you are dealing with new, used, or a combination of both types of vehicles, your lot holds all of your opportunities to make a profit. Catastrophic damage from weather or other forces beyond your control can break you. That’s when you need to protect your inventory with insurance that specifically covers your auto dealership. This especially applies to your lot and all of the possibilities that are tied up in your selection of cars. Protect your future with auto dealership insurance and open lot coverage.

Get the Comprehensive Protection that You Need
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Mercedes Benz B Class 2015 completely renovated

mercedes-benz-clase-b-2015The German brand staged its new compact MPV class B, the same which was released in 2005, a second generation in 2011 Now comes completely renovated and probably its best. With new design more profiling, new and decorative details, new colors, new tires and new electric drive technology.

Kia shows the first images of the new Carens to be presented at the Paris Motor Show


Kia is gearing up to keep surprising us with new models. Kia today presents the new Kia Carens, yes, the Korean minivan still shows its silhouette in all its fullness, but in a digital sketch as a foretaste of what we see in the upcoming Paris Motor Show in late September.

After yesterday show the first two sketches of the Kia Cerato Forte or K3 based on the market, Kia now shows the new image of her minivan in the wake of the latest models of the brand, both those already circulating in our streets as the Optima or the newly introduced cee’d as Quoris or sketches of the Cerato, introduces us to a new and successful aesthetic level in Kia.

Two images that we have a Kia Carens adapting to new design language of the brand, especially many of the new Kia cee’d features, mainly by the optical we can see the first images that show the headlights extended well into the side. This also follows the lower front and making the design of the lateral ribs as in the Optima.

Forward the next generation Kia Cerato’s two sketches


The next generation Kia Cerato is coming. Kia has started to release the return of light brushstrokes Cerato Forte or K3 as the various markets where it is marketed, and it does this time with two images of the sketches of this new Cerato to introduce us to the nuances of his first design .

Has revealed few details yet on this brand new generation, but certainly talking about design, we can see, despite not being overly crisp still images, the attractive features that this new Korean market will begin to market home, where it is called K3, later this year, beginning his career in the world in the first quarter of 2013.

Following the introduction of its new performance sedan, the Kia K9, Quoris depending on the market, which unfortunately will not see in Spain and I say unfortunately for the display of design, the dose of luxury and technology and of course the mechanics V6 now Kia introduces its next compact sedan.

BMW recorded a long list of names, including new M and Series 2


Do you remember the case of Audi with multiple registration of names? A visit to the record left us on the trail of 7 new models and versions, with two new SUVs or sports hypothetical below R8, R6. Now comes the turn to BMW. And get ready, because if shelling the list of possible new Audi became a fun exercise in imagination and speculation, now it imagine what the future of BMW.

A future in which the M seems to be very present, very much present and even M models not only pure but also apparently airbrushed models for this department beyond a single packet M. But the advanced models are not the only novelty of the list. News from the crossover of the brand new electric models, Series 2 and 4…

Of course one must keep in mind that despite all these names registered BMW does not mean that the firm will lead to the production at all, let alone play in a short period of time more than 30 names have been registered , but we used to have some clues to the movements that could make the brand in the future.

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