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The first SRT Viper 2013, auctioned for $ 300,000


Last April was presented by surprise appeared the SRT Viper, a model that was highly anticipated after his older generation disappeared from the market in 2010. Adjustments Chrysler Group raised concerns about the future of the iconic model of the U.S. group, but eventually came into the fifth installment of the model that has come with one notable technological renovation and change of name included, since no longer sold under the Dodge Viper SRT to be sold as.

Although the essence of the car remains the same as before, with a bestial V10 engine of 640 hp 8.4 and a more affordable price than other comparable supercar power and performance, wanted to give the car a slightly different I had so far towards promoting its exclusivity. The first step was to auction the first unit of series made at an event organized by the auction house Barrett-Jackson in the exclusive angelina Orange County (California, USA).

Seat Toledo: it’s official 4 th generation with a starting price of 13,990 euros


After filtration of a little over a week, we knew in the first pictures of the Seat Toledo final and after having met the proposal with Rapid Skoda, Seat today unveils the new Seat Toledo production, waiting for the return of this symbolic name for the firm to also produce the success that previous generations had formerly the Seat Toledo.

Using the concepts of compact sedan, away from the current design of the previous generation, the new Seat Toledo arrive in mid October to Spain and will betting big on arrival by four gasoline engines ranging from 75 to 122 horses and a block 105 hp diesel. Furthermore, Seat and reveals one of their weapons, surelación value, with a starting price of 13,990 euros.

Is it a surprise electric sports Renault to Goodwood?


We took a month, since before the Monaco Grand Prix, in which Renault has occupied a privileged position in the daily rounds of rumors, even in a more tenuous months earlier when anticipated the return of Alpine. Today, again, the French again in the spotlight on the occasion of the Goodwood Festival to be held later this week and for which as we discussed, the rumors point to a new development.

New data close the circle of “possible” as about the event and it seems we may be on the festival of speed with an electric proposal, but no, not a power whatsoever, but possibly a sport to be submitted along other representatives electrical signature, Twizy, Zoe and a veteran, the Renault 5 power.

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The new Ford Mondeo is coming mid 2013 with rear inflatable belts


Although its launch in Spain is not expected until mid 2013, we face is foreign. He already knew the Ford Fusion recently to hit U.S. dealerships in the fall and is essentially the European Ford Mondeo for the first time we have an image, the same that illustrates this article. And this is one of the cornerstones of the new global Ford strategy by which they have tried to standardize the range so that the models sold across the Atlantic are exactly, or practically the same as in Europe.

The new Ford Mondeo will come backed by a new generation of highly efficient gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters, called EcoBoost, and a new iteration of the TDCi diesel ofertaban so far in Europe. We should not rule out either the release of the 1.0 EcoBoost engine 125 hp three-cylinder, which despite its modest design would not look out for anything in this large saloon when you consider the success it is having on smaller models like the Ford Focus. But to follow the American line, the most important development would be the launch of a hybrid and maybe a plug-in hybrid.

Toyota Camette, because driving is child’s play


Driving for is child’s play? At least Toyota firmly believe in the possibility of converting this action as everyday adult life in a practical exercise fun for the whole family. This thought of the idea of a detachable and adjustable vehicle, if I leave, the closest thing to a life-size Lego we’ve seen in a while. Obviously the only way to achieve its mission passed through a prototype that could never get approved as a motor vehicle.

The prototype of Toyota Camette be presented at the Tokyo Toy Show in two “flavors” called Sora and Daichi, a more relaxed and child and the other looking camper. The essence of the vehicle is in a range of easily removable panels that allow us to play with the design and appearance of this unusual car, for example, transform our Camette within minutes of a boring and austere Sora to Daichi to a good could have left the fictional world of film animation.

But above all let us not forget that this is a toy that is why all the controls were designed in an intuitive and very colorful to ensure the care of his very young driver.

Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In, it was time for plug-in hybrid


The Vortex environmental and commitment of the authorities and thus manufacturers to develop more efficient vehicles and sustainable does not stop. Large SUV bets have given way to more restrained, urban and efficient, among other reasons, their use and costly maintenance. Mitsubishi had it right with the launch of its next-generation Outlander, knowing that many of its international interests go through the development of an ultra-efficient mechanical run by a plug-in hybrid.

The new Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid will benefit from a lithium-ion battery that can be plugged into any conventional outlet. Because it will have an electric range of 50 kilometers and can cover up to 60 miles on a very small consumption of 1 liter of gasoline. Very interesting is the fact that their total autonomy to rise to 800 km with full fuel tank and batteries fully charged, which is much to consider and fairly good for an SUV of its nature and size.

The best results and lower consumption of optimizing get refills of lithium ion batteries, and always trying to get this energy is fully charged.

Bentley Continental GT Speed​​: Bentley gets the fastest production


As just one week ago we advanced, Bentley was preparing a surprise for the Goodwood Festival. Surprise that today the brand has revealed, also anticipating a week, and which is neither more nor less than the new Bentley Continental GT Speed, as rumors pointed to the presence of Bentley at Goodwood.

Comes fastest production Bentley to date, and does, how could it be otherwise, under the label Speed, anticipating that any doubt about whether it is fast or not fast be solved quickly, to check figures power or acceleration. It will not be too light, that is almost part of the identity of Bentley, but instead offers 625 horses to exceed 300 km / h to a 0 to 100 km / h in about 4 seconds.

The Lexus LFA is running low


If you were thinking about buying a Mercedes C 63 AMG Black Series, noon, has sold all and if after this news, you’ve decided to change his mind and make you a Lexus LFA should hurry so you do not happen as with the Mercedes C 63 AMG Black Series. Production of the Lexus LFA is running low.

The Lexus supercar, which left us much of motor racing fans stunned upon arrival at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009, more so when we met inspired Nürburgring version is almost empty when we separated less than 3 years of submission or at least so said Tim Morrison, vice president of brand sales to the United States.

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