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Mercedes SLS AMG GT 2013: 591 horses and dynamic improvements for the “gullwing”

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The next Honda CR-Z is based on the Civic Type R … and could reach about 225 horses

honda-cr-z-2013-b1-dm-700pxInteresting rumor that comes from Motoring involving the next Honda Civic Type R and the upcoming Honda CR-Z, a Honda CR-Z looks set to reach a hefty 225 horsepower, basing their platform on the new generation of sport compact Honda while overfeeding also make an appearance in the hybrid.

With the first details of Honda Civic Type R confirmed officially by the Japanese firm now reach the first rumors about a new generation of the Honda CR-Z ready to change significantly from the current-compact coupe. Overfeeding has come to Honda … and it seems like going beyond the engine bay of the new Honda Civic Type R.

Goodyear and Dunlop tires advertise their most efficient


As of today entered into force on European labeling of tires, but voluntarily. As of November 1, 2012 will be mandatory, so the customer knows in advance the energy efficiency of its wheels and the grip in the wet and the numerical value of sound measured in decibels. Review with us the new labeling.

Goodyear and Dunlop have announced two separate tires that have earned the highest score in consumption and adherence: AA, but for now they will not sell, are prototypes. Will be shown for the first time in REIFEN, a show dedicated to the tires in Essen (Germany) on June 5. By the way, “Reifen” in German means tires.

On one side is the Goodyear EfficientGrip AA Edition, based on the existing EfficientGrip for sale. The developments are in the tread, and a new improved composite manufacturing technique. Will be produced a few prototypes to improve the wheel face to be sold (and how not to pay).

EfficientGrip is a summer tire for passenger car means high performance segment (HP). From the sports-oriented brand, Dunlop, AA is the second tire. This is the Dunlop Sport BluResponse AA, similar to EfficientGrip orientation.

AC Schnitzer BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé

Shortly after we we set out for the first time driving the new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, the German coach AC Schnitzer has unveiled its new program of improvements to this new German sedan with a coupe that rivals flavor directly with the Mercedes-Benz CLS and Audi A7.

The two versions so far are aesthetic and mechanical improvements. Let’s start by the latter, which are perhaps the most interesting. In the case of diesel, 640d, the power increases from 313 to 360 hp and the gasoline, 640i, power passes from 320 to 360 hp.

The preparer included in the package a sports rear silencer, two chrome exhaust tips and a spring kit for suspension. In addition, the brake system is enhanced by a set of discs and eight-piston calipers in the front signed by the home.

The Peugeot 208 HYbrid FE gets down to 1.9 l/100 km So now what?

Peugeot-208-HYbrid-FE-260813-700-11The experiment of Peugeot Sport and Total to give birth to Peugeot 208 HYbrid amply FE has failed to meet its goals to reach 46 grams of CO2 per kilometer, equivalent to fuel consumption of 1.9 l/100 km This means say that the goal set to approve 49 grams of CO2, 2.1 l/100 km (NEDC), and a time of 8 seconds for 0-100 km / h has been well exceeded.

So now what? The Peugeot 208 HYbrid FE seems to have fulfilled its goal of technological showcase for Peugeot. This ambitious project has demonstrated the ability of evolution of the firm through the synergy between various departments where, away from betting on electric propulsion as the only way of efficiency, has relied on improving different elements and disciplines to achieve a result all very interesting.

Carlsson vitamin the new Mercedes S-Class with 780 hp

mercedes-clase-s-2013-carlsson-p1The new Mercedes S class has just begun to be marketed in some markets, but the expectation has created since it was introduced is hard to find another car. Parallel to the expectant arrival of the first units to dealers of half the world, has created a race between the coaches to see which is the company that creates the change prettier, more extreme or more powerful on Class S.

Brabus has been once again has taken the lead, with the introduction of a preparation with 730 hp and lavish Biturbo Brabus 850 iBusiness 6.0 850 hp. However, Carlsson being left behind and has recently unveiled its proposed new S-Class Presents numerous cosmetic changes and major engine potentisations variants S 500 and S 63 AMG.

Ferrari 458 Speciale video. Why call it special?

ferrari-458-speciale-AP-04-dm-700px-1Competizione, Challenge Stradale, Scuderia and now Speciale. Last names for more than two decades have accompanied the traditional sporting prancing horse, carrying the engine behind eight-cylinder vee. The last of the special versions of Maranello we have already spoken in our weekly High Performance, but the protagonist in this year 2013 – and for many years – will be the Ferrari 458 Speciale, the last Italian gem for those who frequent the circuits .

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is more powerful than the 458 Italia we already know from a few years ago, with a total of 605 hp. It is also 90 kilograms lighter. For the same reason the relationship between weight and power smiles and dials the 0-100 km / h in 3 seconds flat. But the most innovative and striking Speciale, in my opinion, is still the Ferrari aerodynamic work with a range of fixed and assets designed to optimize to an almost obsessive effectiveness and speed of this sport in straight and curve.

Without going into too much detail about basic aerodynamic concepts, Ferrari explains the operation and direction of the mobile flaps of the new Ferrari 458 Speciale, a total of five, installed on the front (two horizontal and two vertical) under the front and in the rear diffuser.

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, a family born to be a coupe

Mercedes-Benz once again looking to reinvent the concept of four-door coupe, the Mercedes CLS initiated back in 2004, and station wagon vehicle. His last idea was to combine both concepts in a relative large, luxurious and with some sportsmanship inherent in his line and engine range, exploring the possibilities of the CLS range with a model that despite winning in practicality has remained certain details such as your sideline and feature a rear overhang that lacks but keep in mind the slight fall from the ceiling. Regardless of personal opinions, and being objective, we can say that this Shooting Brake has retained many of the features that make the CLS so popular and already appreciated in the Shooting Break Concept prototype presented in 2010.

In short, the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake is the family that wanted to be a coupe, with five seats and a large useful tailgate. In passing the Stuttgart brand has tried to show the luxury and distinction to this model aims to grab with details as elegant as the trunk floor covered with cherry wood, aluminum rails and a nice carpet upholstery. The boot is acceptable despite the collapse of the roof, 590 liters and up to 1,550 liters by folding down the rear seat row. Its total length is 4.95 meters.

BMW 1 Series will show the “GT” front-wheel drive in the Paris Motor Show

The BMW 1 Series seems to leave us with one of the most prolific series of the German mark. If we are still mulling over the possibility of finding a derivative of the compact sedan now turn to the rumors he is called to be the most controversial model of BMW in a while. And that the 1 Series, knows quite controversial.

I speak of course that prepares the new model BMW with FWD. Yes, BMW and front wheel drive. This Series 1, which in the past have called GT and already we have seen some that they are cured of fright after seeing some recreation, could be closer than it appears and submitted before the end of this year, in the Hall Paris.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Chengdu Golden Sun Bird Edition

rolls-ghost-chengdu-sun-bird-p-2Rolls-Royce for the Chinese market is an important source of income, alongside the Middle East market. With the main sales group focused on China, it is not surprising that the British increasingly open dealerships in the country. Interestingly, import taxes for Rolls-Royce make almost double its price – we are talking about half a million euros for a Ghost – and yet the Chinese millionaires snapped up.

The British manufacturer has recently opened a dealership in the Chinese city of Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province. Taking this opportunity, has revealed on Facebook the Ghost Chengdu Golden Sun Bird Edition, which will be showcased at this dealership. This is a single unit commissioned by a wealthy Chinese client, inspired by the Chengdu Golden Sun Bird, a strange old ornate ring, unearthed in Chengdu about 10 years ago.

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