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Ford could be valuing production lead to Formula Ford homologated for road


Does the Formula Ford could reach production? That seems or at least that we have from EVO, whom Ford allegedly told that they would be considering the possibility of introducing a small production of this formula equipped with a three-cylinder EcoBoost engine will there be a match for KTM X-Bow, Ariel Atom for the BAC Mono or Ford?

The Formula Ford arrived a few days ago to show how fast you can go on a three-cylinder Nürburgring. They got a good time (the 11th best among the vehicles approved) of 7 minutes and 22 seconds, a time that came with a warning from Ford and my partner David Villareal told us, “is nothing more than an interesting project but viso put into production some of these features a sporty “… Now if they are valuing take it to production?

Demio EV, exploring the possibility of a Mazda 2 electric


One way or another all manufacturers are working on developing electric vehicles. Mazda, meanwhile, although not a brand that has been characterized by efforts to increase transparency in the electricity, just released in Japan an electric version of the Mazda Demio, the Mazda 2 European equivalent. The idea that work is to gather enough information to recognize patterns and problems of the driver of an electric vehicle, so that in the near future to develop more effective and practical.

The Mazda Demio EV will be manufactured in a very limited edition, only a hundred units, which will go to government institutions and some companies in the Chugoku region, which is both Hiroshima and Mazda headquarters. This vehicle, which apparently retains its cargo space in the passenger compartment intact on the Mazda 2 with combustion engine, will have a range according to the Japanese JC08 cycle 200 kilometers. Reference to the Nissan Leaf has exactly the same autonomy as the JC08, so that European cycle probably be talking a range between 175 and 200 kilometers.

Vilner Studio restores a Mercedes-Benz SL “Pagoda”


Vilner Studio, a firm specializing in Bulgarian interior design which we have spoken on occasion, made a very special job for a client who wanted to see restored to its Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster from the sixties, also commonly called “Pagoda” by the concave shape of the roof.

Vilner Externally the car has barely worked, except for the cream-colored body with details in a brown coffee, tires (they look the same coffee brown with the logo of Mercedes-Benz in the center) or the numbering of races .

The background work has been carried out inside, where they have mainly used the same two exterior colors, beige and coffee brown. The car has been reupholstered from top to bottom, including the trunk, and included embroidery and distinctive “Gentle Pagoda” at your request. What do you think the job? You can see more photos below.

New Opel Astra sedan: extended range of Astra


The Opel Astra grows and makes the hand of a new sedan version. Comes the variant that could be considered as more practical in the range of German compact and does well with an excellent design that stops away, at least as painted in official photographs, those derived from compact sedans in which extra inches added and the new rear design sports a somewhat forced.

The Opel Astra range is now complete with the 5-door body styles, the GTC, the Sport Tourer estate version and now this 4-door sedan will be available to up to 7 engines. It is marketed in Spain, but in his sights is the Russian market and Turkey where there is high demand for these variants.

Seat Leon 2013, technology, efficiency and perhaps some surprises


Efficiency, a promising new design, a lot of technology and the new Volkswagen Group platform, are the keys to more compact Youth Seat. Like its predecessor arrive in showrooms later this year with a practical five-door body. Although we will be alert to any news since according to James Muir, President of SEAT SA, will form new bodies for the supply of the León range. Will there be a three-door Seat Leon, convertible or body-on-high, SUV-type jacket?

So far the Seat Leon 2013 with its five-door body is presented showing off the new line manufacturer’s Martorell aesthetics and certain features that resemble the new Seat Ibiza 2012. However in the case of the Seat Leon has gained momentum with a body in which the lines are very marked, with the watchful gaze of LED daylight and an attractive elegant touch sunroof large practicable, which of course is optional.

Filtering the aspect of the new Kia Pro cee’d 2013

KIA Pro cee’d 2013

The new Kia Pro cee’d already among us. At least, the first images of the coupe version of the new Kia cee’d. They arrive, how could it be otherwise at this time as we await confirmation of its official debut at the Paris Motor Show and showing us make this new generation of Kia Pro cee’d from all angles, allowing us to know perfectly how be aesthetically this new generation.

If yesterday was the day of Peugeot leaks, allowing us to know a day in advance with the lines of the Peugeot 2008, the Onyx and the RCZ facelift, today it is the turn of the new Kia Pro cee’d. At the moment we only have pictures of the model, but if this leak follows the example of filtering Peugeot, tomorrow we should know all the features and details of the new Pro cee’d 2013.

TagAZ Aquila: this is the 4-door coupe Russian less than $ 10,000


Surely the car brand TagAZ do not sound too. TagAZ is a Russian company car assembly, Daewoo and Hyundai among them belonging to the holding Doninvest now, has decided to surprise us with a curious new model: the TagAZ Aquila. The Russian domestic market, despite the great importance acquired for European firms, like the Chinese, still showing some peculiarities frequently, and this model is another example of the Russian genius.

A model that combines design with lights coupe but with four doors and also comes with a philosophy of low cost, or at least, affordable price, equipping technology firms listed above and would be the equivalent in rubles less than 10,000 euros.

Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo, possible name for the new Scuderia


One of the rumors of the week concerns the street version of the sporty and powerful new Ferrari 458 Italia, which along with a mechanical over 600 hp will presumably work of lightening it undoubtedly become one of the most desirable models of the Prancing Horse range.

Ferrari has a habit of reserving a name evocative tribute to the competition, a synonym of sportsmanship that we remember that it is a Ferrari 458 Italia but practically any racing sports licensed to be driven on public roads. The Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Stradale took the name, the predecessor of the current model, the Ferrari F430, did the same with the Scuderia name, and has been rumored as the next to arrive will be the Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo, after the picturesque scenery Monaco each year visit the Formula 1 and the Scuderia Ferrari has emerged champion in 9 occasions.

The Porsche 918 Spyder and have time on the Nordschleife, 7 minutes and 14 seconds

Porsche 918 Spyder

Recently we saw rolling the Porsche 918 Spyder Nürburgring with its new decor with Martini Racing protagonist, which gave us several reasons to think that, since in the Zuffenhausen brand were finalizing their set-up until and finalized all tests , claiming they wanted media attention in setting a time Nordschleife admirable. Well, now Porsche’s own page on Facebook has cleared many of these questions.

The Porsche 918 Spyder has marked time in the old Nürburgring: nothing less than 7:14, which could almost be seen as extraordinary. Do not expect less of this hybrid destined to become the spearhead technological Porsche in the near future, championing a new concept of sportiness “sustainable.” Its 770 hp, technique and tuning seem to render as they should, in the pantheon of supercars approaching seven minutes on the Nordschleife.

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